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Benefits of the Dual Training Program in Germany

German Dual Training Program in a nutshell

The Dual Training Program is a model of education in Germany that combines both the theoretical and practical approach to learning. Students under this program are required to attend classes at a vocational school and work for a company as on-the-job training.

In the Philippines, this is analogous to being a “working student.” Only that, the work they do is hugely relevant to the course they are taking.

This training program, which has been introduced in 1920, has led Germany to have a significantly low unemployment rate. It has been effective in providing students with essential knowledge for their chosen career field. This enables them to secure permanent jobs quickly after completing their courses.

The good news is that the Dual Training Program is also open to non-German students. In fact, there have been several Filipinos who had undergone this program and has taken advantage of the benefits it offers. Some are now even residing in Germany and have created successful careers for themselves.


Why join the Dual Training Program in Germany?

To help you consider sending an application, here are some noteworthy benefits of enrolling in the said program:

Get the best quality schooling experience

This program will help you maximize your learning experience by allowing you to immediately apply classroom lessons in real life situations. And because it divides your time between classroom learning and on-site practice, you are guaranteed that no time is wasted on lessons that aren’t relevant in your chosen career field.

Moreover, this model of education is a lot cheaper than going to college in the Philippines. In most cases, the training is funded by companies so students don’t need to pay tuition fees. The terms may, however, be different if a student chooses to enroll in a private university.

Earn money while you are still in school

Aside from being the cheaper option, it will also allow you to earn money while you’re in school. The German law stipulates that students under this training program must receive a monthly salary from the company they work in as part of their dual training course.

What’s more, your salary as a trainee will increase as you complete each year of training.

A wide variety of training courses to choose from

It is not uncommon in the Philippines for young adults to pick a career that’s different from what they actually want. Often times, it is the parents who choose which course their children will take in college.

With the Dual Training Program, you don’t need to worry about picking a job you don’t want. They have lots of training courses that students can choose from. In fact, there are currently about 350 officially recognized training programs available all over Germany.

Get real security

There are more perks you can enjoy after completing a course under the German Dual Training Program. First and foremost, you will be fully qualified in your chosen field. That translates to having higher chances of landing a permanent job in Germany.

If you want to, you can even stay in the same company you worked in as a trainee. It is a common practice in Germany to take their student trainees as regular employees after the training program. This is as a practical move for both the employers and their trainees since the latter already possesses a good knowledge of how things are done within their company.

On top of all that, the Dual Training Program makes you qualified for a German work visa. You will also be eligible for permanent residency after 3 years.

Enrolling in the Dual Training Program will give you the opportunity to not just find a permanent job in Germany, but also settle in the country for good.


Taking the first step

While proof of your German language skills isn’t a requirement in order to qualify for the program, you must be aware that all the lessons, exams, and interactions you will have during the training will be in German. Thus, you will need to be well-versed in the language even before your training begins.

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