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Cheat It All: A Guidebook for Foodies Written by an EHL Student

Vedant Bahri, AP student at EHL and currently interning at El Salad, founded by two EHL Alumni, became the successful author of the 239-page cook book called “Cheat it All: A Young-eater’s Guide to Good Food and More”.

At only 18, the student had the opportunity to be published by Niyogi Books throughout India, his home country.

I was very pleased and excited to find out that one of the biggest publishing houses in India- Niyogi Books, was going to publish my book.

He also became the National Winner in the “Food and Family” category by Gourmand Award Jury, and was selected for “Best in the World”.

There are three sections in “Cheat It All”: Eat, Treat, and Inspire.

Eat compiles all the healthy recipes that have been made simpler and quicker.

Treat presents the “cheat codes” to all Vedant’s junk favourites, such as pizzas and burgers.

Finally, Inspire gathers a bunch of interviews with famous Indian celebrities like John Abraham, Tiger Shroff, and Saina Nehwa.

From junk to healthy food

At a very young age, Vedant showed real passion for food, being either healthy or junk, and has always enjoyed going out to nice restaurants. Eventually, the young man decided to cook and bake his own meals and pastry for his own pleasure, and to please both his needs and his parents’.

Cooking is a very serious hobby, but my real passion is food! I love having control over what I’m eating, and that’s really where the art of cooking comes in.

At one point, Vedant realized that there was one real similarity between his cooking, his baking, and eating his homemade meals – fat. After critics from his parents and becoming aware of it himself, he decided to radically change his way of cooking, and turned to healthier products and ingredients.

Eat – Health on the go!

Becoming a healthier eater is not always easy. In fact, it can be quite tricky to choose and prepare ingredients without necessarily compromising the taste of your food. From breakfast, drinks, salads, mains, to desserts, Vedant takes his readers through 75 “cheat” recipes that include healthy, yet tasty, ingredients and products. He explains:

I attempted to defy the logic that healthy can’t be tasty, and emphasized on the use of healthy ingredients like walnuts, oats, avocados, quinoa and chia seeds. And also, interviews of renowned Chefs, film and sports personalities conducted by me.

Treat – It’s okay to sin once in a while

Time can sometimes be a reason for you to choose junk food over a healthy meal, although we know it is often an excuse. Let’s face it, we all love our occasional burger!

Once in a while, you can treat yourself with some of your favorite junk meals and sweets! But you won’t have to feel bad about it anymore. “Cheat it All” proposes some healthier and easier recipes to which Vedant added his personal twist to make them even tastier! So if you are craving for some fried chicken or pizza, go ahead and use those unique recipes!

Inspire – Reflect! Motivate! Energize!

From Chefs to sportspersons and actors, Vedant went up to various Indian celebrities in order to have an idea of what their food habits are, provide some health tips to the readers, and share their favorite recipes!

The aim with the interviews was to inspire and inform my readers about the exercise and diets of these personalities, in a very entertaining way while keeping an emphasis on food. And I must admit, a major part of doing this was my own curiosity.

An inspiration to others

Such experience definitely changes a person, even more so at such an early stage in life, and Vedant was not an exception:

Writing my own book at such a young age was surely a character altering experience. It completely changed my life for the better; made me more sanguine about my abilities not only as a writer but also as a person. I felt more acclaim and admiration from people on my book launch than I had every felt before in life!

As a young man, Vedant could well be a great inspiration for people his age, and even to adults. Motivation, time, effort and some confidence are the first ingredients of your recipe to success!

Anything in the world can be achieved if you are willing to put in the effort and the time. You have one life, do as much as you can- no regrets!

You can also check out Vedant’s personal blog – The Foodie Journey, by Vedant Bahri

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