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Don’t give up on your dream of studying​ abroad. It’s still possible.

Some students would want to study abroad because of the privilege that comes with it –– having the chance to visit other countries and experience their culture. But due to the pandemic people globally are experiencing, this chance is being sliced off. That doesn’t mean the opportunity to get that highly coveted diploma from prestigious universities is also impossible. 

Aside from immersing in other cultures, studying abroad carries important employment and financial benefits. 

A 2017 survey  from the Institute of International Education survey found that study abroad leads to significant gains in various critical skills needed for the contemporary workplace.

Can study abroad still be done?

Yes, it still can be done. In an article published by the Conversation, several universities abroad have adapted to the new normal in education by shifting to online courses. 

Universities such as American University, Arcadia University Northeastern University, and the University of Buffalo are already advancing virtual study abroad

“Their programs range from online courses at a U.S. university’s international branch campus to courses offered in partnership with foreign universities,” the report said. 

Here are 3 ways how you can still push through with your study abroad. Well, virtually. 

1. Apply for university programs online

Pre-pandemic times, there have been a number of education abroad programs used online learning to deliver course content.

The current situation now has made it necessary for universities to be even more creative in applying online learning for students. Programs have created course component videos of sites that would have been explored in person yet are now being introduced online.

We’ve compiled a list of universities abroad offering distance education. Check them here

2. Keep enrolling on short course programs

While employed, why not enroll in short course programs as we all wait for everything pandemic-related to calm a bit. 

Well, we have a list of where you can find these short courses even before you ask for it *wink* . Head over to this link to find out more. 

3. Stick with your plans

If you already started the application process, don’t quit. Processing of university scholarships, especially those abroad, usually take time. The next time you know it, travel restrictions have been eased already and you can push through with your plans studying abroad. 

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