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Duke Kunshan University Receives Student Applications from over 80 Countries

 Duke Kunshan University announced today that it has received applications from over 80 countries and regions for its inaugural undergraduate program.

Applicants from China and the U.S make up the majority of total applications. In addition, Duke Kunshan’s undergraduate program has generated interest from countries in all corners of the world, with applications coming in from Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Serbia and many more.

Duke Kunshan University now offers master’s degree programs in management studies, global health, medical physics and environmental policy, as well as a Global Learning Semester program for undergraduates from partner universities. In August 2018, Duke Kunshan will welcome its very first cohort of students for the undergraduate class of 2022.

The inaugural class is expected to comprise of at least 50 students from outside of the Chinese mainland.

Upon graduation from Duke Kunshan, students will receive a U.S degree from Duke University and join Duke’s global alumni network of more than 170,000 members. Graduates will also receive a Chinese degree from Duke Kunshan University, opening doors for career opportunities in China.

Denis Simon, executive vice chancellor of Duke Kunshan University and an expert on U.S.-China science and technology relations said, “These young people will learn new languages, experience different cultures, and meet people that think very differently from themselves. They will also live and have experiences in the two largest economies in the world, while becoming part of the passionate and highly connected Duke Alumni network,” added Simon. “In four years, our students will leave Duke Kunshan with the ability to not only find good jobs, but also to define and create the most cutting-edge jobs of the 21st century.”

Duke Kunshan’s undergraduate education programs will draw from liberal arts tradition, with students declaring their majors before the end of their second year. Before this, students choose courses from a number of disciplines in order to explore and develop their personal academic interests.

Students can choose from a wide variety of curricula, have access to an assortment of field trips, and have opportunities to take part in meaningful internships. Finally, their signature work project will allow students to delve deeply into specialized knowledge through research and an analysis of their findings.

Students at Duke Kunshan University will also get the opportunity to observe and participate in scientific research taking place, taking part in specialized projects undertaken by professors and researchers at the institution. The university has established multiple international research centers that will be open to undergraduates, including  Applied Physical Science and Engineering, Global Health, Environmental Research, Computer Laboratory and Data Science.

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