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Explore New Horizons With City University of Hong Kong’s Scholarships For International Students

Are you dreaming about studying overseas? Check out City University of Hong Kong’s generous scholarship programs that could help make your dreams a reality. 

Entrance Scholarship 

CityU has an Entrance Scholarship Scheme for international students with excellent academic performance who are admitted to full-time bachelor’s degree programmes.

The Scheme offers three kinds of scholarships

  • Top Scholarships of approximately US$23,000, covering annual tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, and living expenses. (approx. ₱ 1,150,000)
  • Full Tuition Scholarships, covering annual tuition fees approximately US$18,000 (approx. ₱ 900,000)
  • Half Tuition Scholarships, covering half of the annual tuition fees approximately US$9,000. (approx. ₱ 450,000)

All students will be automatically assessed for scholarships when they apply to study at CityU. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Scholarships will be renewed annually based on students achieving a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.2 each year of study.


Grant to increase Diversity on Campus

Admissions Status Duration of Studies Amount per Annum   In Philippine Peso
1st Year Entry 4 years US$3,850 approximately   ₱770,000.00
  • Non-local students admitted from underrepresented nationalities except Top Scholarship recipients will be eligible for the new grant.
  • Recipients will be required to engage in voluntary activities to enhance the internationalization of CityU. The grant will be paid in installments and automatically renewed each year upon completion of required activities.

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund

The Hong Kong government supports outstanding non-local students to pursue undergraduate studies, with targeted scholarships made available to first-year full-time students from ASEAN countries, India, and Korea. Belt and Road Scholarship (Indonesia), Belt and Road Scholarship (Malaysia) and Belt and Road Scholarship (Thailand).


Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarship for Non-Local Students

CityU’s Outstanding Athletes Scholarships aim to provide opportunities for outstanding student-athletes. Since the introduction of the scheme in 1997, more than 1,000 gifted student-athletes have been admitted to the university’s degree programs.
• Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarship (approx USD 20,500 per annum) (approx. ₱1,000,000)

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