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Fight Or Flight: The Struggles Of Being An International Student

Sure, there are perks to being an international student. But like a flipside to every coin, there are struggles that students who study abroad experience. Some you already know, some you can prepare for as you read along.

Whether you’re still planning to pursue your studies on the other side of the globe or you’re already there trying to make the best out of it, we’re sure you will be able to pick up a thing or two in this masterpost. After all, it’s gonna be a loooong way from home. You’ll need backup! *raises hands to volunteer*

Because we want you to have an awesome time when you study abroad, we took the liberty of compiling a few nuggets of wisdom that can help you. Ready, jet set, go!


Making the decision to study abroad

10 Ways to Know If Studying Abroad is the Right Choice

As exciting as it may be, studying abroad is nowhere near an easy decision. It’s not like you’re just going to a mall whatsoever, it’s a whole new world out there! Since there are A TON of things to consider before making the big leap, ask yourself these 10 questions and find out the answer by yo self. Is it a go or a no?

5 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad

The way to a parent’s heart is through this article. Read on how you can effectively convince your parents to support your dreams… even if it means being a thousand miles away (read: ya know they just want you near ‘em!). This is how you let them know that going away doesn’t always mean “going away”.

3 Things You Can Do to Break the Tie Between Your Top 2 Schools

Don’t be mistaken. Choosing a school abroad, much more between your Top 2 picks, isn’t one of those things you let the toss coin decide. Anything that concerns your future demands your full attention. Be well-informed! How about letting these 3 things break the tie between the 2?

4 Common Fears Before Studying Abroad and How to Overcome It

People fear what they don’t know. And when it comes to studying abroad, it’s totally understandable! What’s not okay is staying that way. Face the four most common fears students experience and say bye-bye to those worries before you pack your bags and leave. After all, you can’t chase your dream with cold feet you know.


Adjusting to Your Host Country

5 Culture Shock Moments That Can Happen When You Study Abroad

If you think you’ve had enough #shookt moments in life, think again. When you study abroad, it’s gonna be an everyday adventure of learning, relearning and unlearning things you know just because your world got a ‘lil bigger. Culture shock can’t get any realer than this!

Top 5 Phrases to Learn When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is fun and all… until you get lost in translation and a whole misunderstanding leads one to the other. When it comes to traveling, do pack light but pack heavy with important information about the place you’re going—yasss, that includes helpful phrases that’ll make your life easier when you get there. Entendido?

You’ll Never Get Lost Studying Abroad With These Travel Apps

Sure, not all who wander are lost. But we’re pretty sure all who are lost wonder how they can get to their destination ASAP! When you study abroad, find your way around the city with these supersaver travel apps you can download on your smartphone. Seriously, save yourself from unnecessary stress (and expenses!!).

5 Ways You Can Study Abroad With Minimal Budget

Studying in the country per se can be really expensive. Imagine how much more overseas, right? Well, partly true. While education can be costly, there’s hardly any reason that can stop determined students who want to fly towards their dream. Check out this quick guide on how you can make your dream a reality—without hurting your pocket too much.

5 Frightening International Student Experiences That Can Be Good Too

When the going gets tough, the tough student that you are can make the seemingly frightening experiences into memorable ones. Find the silver lining in your study abroad adventures! Who cares if a someone calls you out for eating rice “too much”? Sit down with ’em and give a comprehensive lecture why you and rice stick together (pun intended). They might even love it too!


Making and maintaining relationships

A Shy Person’s Guide to Studying Abroad

There’s always room for introverts as much as there is for extroverts, and that’s true wherever in the world. Are you the type who would stay in the corner? Exceptionally talented in blending in with the crowd? If yasss, then good news for you! Being shy doesn’t disqualify you from having the best time of your life when you study abroad.

5 Ways You Can Keep in Touch When Studying Abroad

Putting aside physical separation, there’s no excuse for you NOT to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. Fight the major #sepanx feels when you study abroad by keeping in mind these five easy ways. Now, you can be updated with your loved ones 24/7! Pretty much like you never left.


Can you #relate with the struggles above? Let us help you pack more tips and tricks along with you. Check out more articles like this in the Study Abroad section at Edukasyon.ph now!