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Filipina Krizanne Ty chasing sports dream in China

For Krizanne Ty, China is where her roots and dreams meet. Brought up in a Chinese immigrant family in Manila, she had always wanted to see where her family came from.

In 2013, she came to China for the first time.

The trip opened her eyes. Like many young foreigners, Krizanne was fascinated with the ubiquity of the internet.

China and the internet

“Technology is embedded in the lives of the Chinese people from payments, transportation, to food and grocery deliveries. Even street vendors are having their transactions on phones,” she said. “Life here is just so convenient!”

What fascinated her the most, however, was the opportunities for entrepreneurs. And she was inspired to dream big.

Connecting MBA and sports

Ty has been enrolled by one of China’s leading business schools — China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) — to pursue an MBA.

In 2015, she co-founded a non-profit organization — Girls Got Game — in the Philippines to empower young women through sports by organizing free roving sports camps for underprivileged girls. In China, Ty sees a good chance for her work to take off on the global stage.

“China is one of the global centers of innovation. I think China can provide me with valuable experiences and resources,” she said. “I hope to build a business model that can help make my organization become more financially sustainable.”

With the help of CEIBS and its extensive alumni network, Ty connected to sports companies in China such as Shanghai Juss IntelliSports, Alisports, and Nike. She has also attended sporting events and exhibitions such as the Shanghai Rolex Masters Tennis Championships and the Shanghai Marathon 2017.

Gender equality in sports and in China

Pursuing equality in sports is a higher calling.

“I want to empower more young women in the sports world, which in reality is still male-dominated,” she said.

China seems to be an ideal place for Ty to pursue her dream.

Gender equality has long been China’s basic state policy. The famous slogan “women hold up half of the sky” has been chanted by generations of Chinese.

Today, in business, the trend is more evident. Female entrepreneurs made up 55 percent of all internet entrepreneurs in 2013, according to government figures.

“China has done well in promoting gender equality,” Ty said. “Young women are given the freedom and opportunities to pursue their careers.”

Driven by her passion for women’s empowerment in both the professional and sporting world, Ty has led multiple events in her role as president of CEIBS MBA Women’s Leadership Network.

Now, she is about to start an internship at Shanghai Juss IntelliSports, and see China’s sports industry at first hand.

“Sometimes you feel you could achieve anything in China,” Ty said.

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