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Filipino-Asian Student Orgs You Can Check Out Abroad

While there’s no harm in brushing up on new things about your host country and adapting to the cultures around you, living in a foreign land doesn’t mean you have to completely remove all traces of your heritage! Your home country is still your home, after all!

So what’s a good way to meet new people while keeping track of your roots at the same time? Why, by joining an international student organization, of course!

In any university setting, joining an organization is guaranteed to help you meet new people. International organizations, however, also foster a community for foreign and local students, where various students get to celebrate and appreciate each other’s country, particularly its culture and people.

With this in mind, what organizations can help you learn more about other people while re-establishing your own roots at the same time?


A non-profit organization, AIESEC is a world-renowned youth-run organization that focuses on leadership development among individuals from different cultures around the world. From European to Asian dwellers, AIESEC also promotes cross-cultural and volunteer foreign exchange experiences for its members.

Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance

Founded in 1970, the Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA) is an organization that focuses on creating awareness of its members’ heritage and provides a safe haven for Asian and Pacific members to voice out. From conferences to volunteer opportunities, APISA holds opportunities facilitated by either students or faculty in order to enrich its members’ experience in school.

Asian Student Union

Formed in 2007, ASU aims to spread awareness cultural awareness to both Asians and other like-minded individuals who are interested to know more about Asian cultures, including Filipino culture. All students are also welcome to become members of this organization, regardless of racial background.

Association of Filipino Students in Japan

For Filipinos based in the Land of the Rising Sun, AFSJ is an organization that fosters excellence and togetherness among Filipino students (including graduates), in the hopes of inspiring and empowering other Filipinos who are also living in Japan.

International Students Association

Also known as ISA, this organization was formed to foster a harmonious relationship between people of different cultures in the campus, including Asian students of different races. ISA also celebrates Asian festivals and raises fundraisers for advocacies when needed.

Pilipino American Coalition

Established by a group of Filipino students who studied Asian American subjects in 1971, the coalition was formed to preserve and promote Filipino culture among its members, which includes cultivating awareness of young Filipino-Americans’ identities through various events such as competitions and month-long celebrations. Apart from weekly meetings on campus, PAC continues to hold more social events that help promote its members’ identities through Pilipino Culture Nights and athletic activities.

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