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Find the Right Track With These 5 UK Sports Science Courses

Do you love sports so much that you want to make a career out of it? Ever dream of training the Olympic team? Enter the exciting career path of sports science. This discipline studies how to improve the athletic performance of a healthy human body.

Aside from being a student athlete or sports journalist, you can take up sports science courses, to help players be at their peak condition as a physiotherapist, conditioning coach, professional coach, or team manager. 

This means incorporating psychology, physiology, nutritional science, and performance analysis. Don’t expect classes to be held at the gym; there are lab work and textbook theories that apply to sports! And when it comes to keeping up with the latest practice, theory, and technology in medicine and training, universities in the United Kingdom (UK) are your best bet. The UK is also a great country to study in if you want to tackle—forgive the pun—rugby, football, field hockey, cricket, and other Western sports that aren’t as popular locally.

The discipline itself is fairly young and multi-faceted; while the name of a sports and exercise science degree title may vary according to each university, most would call it a “sport and exercise science” degree. Here are five sport college courses you can take in the UK!

1. Bachelor of Science in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences: University of Birmingham

Fun fact: this school is listed as CEO Magazine’s Top 6 for World’s Best Universities for Sports Science! This course provides students with knowledge of human physiology, anatomy, psychology, biochemistry, and biomechanics. Get to know the scientific principles behind sport and exercise performance, and participation. The best part? They have the largest custom-built Sports, Exercise, and Rehabilitation facilities in the UK! And you get to conduct a research project of the area of your choice in your final year.

2. BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy: University of Hertfordshire

Wanna be the Nurse Joy of the team? You’ll be in charge of assessing injuries! And it’s not just basic first-aid treatment, the methods range from sports massage, electrotherapy to joint mobilization. And you’ll need to plan ahead for pitch-side injury management by designing injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. The university also has a dedicated sports injury clinic to practice the following: anatomy, clinical biomechanics, exercise physiology, sports nutrition and psychology. 

3. BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science: University of Hertfordshire

For those you seek to be actively involved with world-champion triathletes, cyclists, golfers, and ballet dancers from the get-go, this school will set you up for high employability right away. You’ll be “trained” to achieve analytical, written and verbal skills expected by employers. Immerse yourself in the three main disciplines of sport science: physiology (including nutrition), biomechanics and psychology. 

You’ll be given plenty of opportunities to apply your knowledge first-hand in high-tech lab environments, assess and improve sporting performance, as well as gain invaluable knowledge on the role exercise plays in improving overall health.

4. Bachelor of Science in Applied Sport Science: University of Edinburgh

Alright, by now, all these degree titles are starting to sound the same, but hear us out! The Bachelor of Science in Applied Sport Science focuses on four disciplines: physiology, skill acquisition, biomechanics, and psychology. The fascinating part? Focusing on the biomechanics of a sport, learning the phenomena behind each one and how to promote, maintain, and enhance the sport itself. 

5. Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Sciences: University of Exeter

Last but not least! If you’re planning a more international career, beyond studying abroad, this course by the University of Exeter is the one for you. You’ll get the option to study in another country besides the UK in the third year: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Portugal, the USA, Canada and Spain! 

Additionally, they promote related modules in leadership and business, law for non-lawyers, physical education, and career development. The course itself is centered around the big three core subjects: biomechanics, physiology, and psychology. 


After you graduate from the courses above or similar options, you can strive towards becoming a renowned sports physiologist such as Allen Lim, who trained the US Olympic biking team! The areas you could work in include: 

  • Academic Research
  • Personal training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Professional Coaching
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning

Aaaand touchdown, you’re done! Grab a front-row seat to your fave sport and take advantage of this high-demand career in the billion-dollar fitness and sports industry. We hope you’ll live out your dreams of becoming the ultimate trainer. 

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