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Finding Her Academic Home Through Travel: The Story of Eleonora Colzani

An Italian with a passion for experiencing new cultures, SLU-Madrid student Eleonora Colzani studied abroad at Temple University in Japan.


Eleonora moved to Spain to attend SLU-Madrid and ended up falling in love with Spanish life – so much that she now considers Spain her second (and sometimes first!) home.

“After two years in Spain, I decided to study abroad because I was ready to experience college life from another perspective,” she commented.

The experience in Tokyo

Eleonora had previously studied abroad in Japan as a high school student with a scholarship from AFS-Italy. Five years later, she was eager to renew the friendships that she had made with her Japanese peers and host family. She also wanted to immerse herself once again to Japanese life and culture, this time as a young adult.

Together with her academic advisor, she discovered that she could complete the courses she needed for her double major in Political Science/International Relations and Communication at the Temple University study abroad program.


“The condition of living in such a big city as Tokyo alone provides infinite opportunities and possible experiences for a university student,” she mentions. “One of the most fascinating aspects of my experience was the realization that the city itself is a reflection of its people’s habits and personalities… Being able to walk through all the neighborhoods not as a tourist, but as a part of the whole represented the culmination of my experience. Thanks to SLU-Madrid, I was able to expand my intercultural experience to Japan, while still continuing my college education.”

Saint Louis University – Madrid

SLU-Madrid takes pride in its international student body and is committed to giving its future graduates a truly intercultural experience in Spain. Students keen on gaining an even more global perspective are encouraged to study abroad in another country through SLU-Madrid’s established exchange programs, partner institutions, or member institutions of the AAICU (Association of American International Colleges and Universities).




Recent study abroad destinations have included Greece, Ireland, Japan, Paris, and Thailand.

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