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The Global Classroom: True International Education

The demand for international education from, and to, all the corners of the world has never been higher. Figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show that the number of students enrolled in higher education overseas increased by 50 percent between 2005-2012, with 4.5 million students enrolled outside their home country in 2012 alone. According to the Institute of International Education, that number is set to reach eight million by 2025, but just who are these newly-mobile school leavers and what is driving their insatiable hunger to experience a different culture?

The Institute of International Education’s research indicates that the students’ personal interest in a particular region has become less of an ‘excuse’ to travel, replaced by a desire by these adventurous, globally-aware millennials to assimilate new cultures into their own and follow in the footsteps of their parents’ generation, many of whom were born overseas and have a different world view already hard-wired into them.

These Third Culture Kids, a term coined back in the 1950s by American sociologist Ruth Hill Useem, have usually lived abroad from a young age and already been exposed to diverse cultural and educational influences. University has ceased to be a means to an end for…


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