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Going On Exchange While Studying Abroad

While studying abroad can let you create unforgettable experiences, it can also bring you plenty of new opportunities to explore. At Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Ritsumeikan APU), going on exchange to universities overseas is an opportunity that international students won’t want to miss. Think of it this way: you can study abroad while you study abroad. Awesome, right? 

Ritsumeikan APU’s program makes the process even more convenient for students: instead of settling fees with foreign universities, you only need to continue paying your regular Ritsumeikan APU tuition when you go on exchange. In addition to that, beneficiaries of the Tuition Reduction Scholarship will still be able to receive it even while on exchange!

You probably want to hear more about this program, right? Bella, a senior from Ritsumeikan APU’s College of International Management, spent a semester as an exchange student in Switzerland last year. Read on to learn more about her experience!

Applying for the first time

students going on exchange through ritsumeikan asia pacific univeristy

Bella first heard of the exchange program at Ritsumeikan APU when she was just an applicant of the university. Even then, the idea of going on exchange to Europe intrigued her. Bella sent applications to 3 universities in Britain. Unfortunately, she failed to provide her IELTS score on time. Since English proficiency test scores are one of the main requirements that students going on exchange need to meet, Bella was unable to qualify.

“Looking back now, I would definitely recommend looking over the exchange partner list and requirements as early as possible and then getting all the application documents in order at least a year in advance to avoid making the same mistake I did,” Bella admits.

Going on exchange to Switzerland

Bella felt disheartened after her first batch of applications were rejected. She wasn’t sure about going through the process of applying again because she was afraid of failing twice. However, Bella’s mom continued supporting her and eventually convinced her to apply through the exchange program the following semester.

Are you wondering how she ended up going on exchange to Switzerland instead? You can read Bella’s full experience — from the roller-coaster ride of an application process to the changes she had to adapt to while in Europe — in this article.

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