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Heliose Bajao shares her first international conference experience

Heliose Gwen Bajao is a senior at Beacon Academy. She was chosen to receive a scholarship grant to attend the Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference at Brisbane, Australia held last July 28 to August 4, 2018. Read her conference experience below:

Being able to join the 2018 Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference has been one of the highlights of my year so far. Before studying in Beacon Academy, I never had any interest in attending student conferences (especially ones held in other countries) because I had the preconceived idea that they had an atmosphere of intense, academic competitiveness. However, when Chrysalis was suggested to me and I got to check out their program, I knew that I would gain global learning and meaningful experiences in a cross-cultural setting like that so I made the decision to apply. With the help of our school’s supportive college counselors, I was also able to qualify for a scholarship to attend the conference which I was grateful for because I didn’t have to worry about the financial concerns of going on this trip.

Cultural Competency Workshop

Chrysalis offered several workshops of a wide variety to its attendees and each of them was truly beneficial to us in their own way. One of the things that I enjoyed was the Cultural Competency Workshop which taught us how we can be efficient and adept in situations where we encounter different cultures. It was highlighted the importance of being aware of people’s backgrounds and upbringings. Mr. Sailoto Liveti, a student in Australia who is originally from the Pacific island Tuvalu, also gave a very interesting talk that emphasized the seriousness of climate change and the continuous rise of global sea levels. His country is one of the countries predicted to be fully submerged due to the melting sea ice. I was very inspired to meet young people like him who used the platform that they have to make a bigger impact on their country and the world.

Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference delegatesBeing a part of Chrysalis was a lifetime experience because not only did I get to enjoy the workshops that they offered, I also made strong bonds with people from different countries that I would never have met had I not attended. I believe that friendships that were formed within a short period of time can still last for a lifetime. This experience fostered a widened academic learning and the creation of friendships that I can hold on to for a long time. It emphasized to me the importance of taking the extra step and seizing global opportunities like this.

Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference 2018

The Chrysalis International Young Leaders Conference is an exciting opportunity for Year 9-12 students from around the world to come together for a fun and stimulating a one-week program of cross-cultural leadership education in a globalized setting. The program is delivered by International Education Services, which bring young people from Australia and around the world together for an exciting program of leadership and tourism activities.

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