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How a study abroad experience benefits your career

Studying abroad exposes you to a multitude of opportunities for academic learning, networking, and professional growth. It’s a great way to improve your CV and increase the likelihood of getting hired. But aside from better job prospects, there are different ways that the experience could benefit you and your career. Here are some ways a study abroad experience can benefit your career:

  1. You become more culturally sensitive

Studying abroad allows you to meet and work with all sorts of people from different walks of life. You get a taste of different cultures and you learn how to approach each one with respect and empathy – which is especially important in the workplace.

  1. You become more competent

This is because you gain knowledge from different perspectives and are able to develop a global mindset. Regardless of your major or area of concentration, you will have to try to reconcile what you already know with what you have yet to figure out.

  1. You become more open-minded

You will realize that what’s right for others could be wrong for you– and that’s okay. You will learn to make better judgments and create more informed opinions as you are more open to hearing various sides of the same story. This is important especially when you work in a team where people have different points of view. People also work better when they are open to ideas other than their own. At the end of the day, being open-minded encourages a healthy discussion between individuals.

  1. You build meaningful connections

Going through a once-in-a-lifetime experience together like studying in a foreign country builds a bond like no other. Studying abroad widens your network. Your professors may be your mentor and your classmates may be your future workmates in a multinational or the co-founders of the tech startup you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. You become empowered to grab opportunities

Your study abroad experience will definitely make you realize life’s many possibilities. This realization will inspire you to grab opportunities that come your way. In a way, studying abroad makes you comfortable with taking risks, knowing that the world has so much to offer, and it’s up to you to make use of it.

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