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How Technology Is Helping Future Allied Health Professionals In Australia

Beginners in the Nursing and Allied Health industry encounter many milestones – a bachelor’s degree here, a professional license there – but their truest test lies in practice. How do you bridge the gap between learning something and applying what you know? At Chisholm Institute, future Nursing and Allied Health professionals can count on technology to help.

Combining theory and practice

Becoming a healthcare practitioner takes a lot of time and training. Even after years of preparation in school, working with actual patients can be quite the challenge for any beginner. Unsurprisingly, there are some lessons that can only be learned through experience.

This is why training is important. After all, having another person’s well-being placed in your hands is no light task! Nursing and Allied Health professionals need to know the facts and be able to apply them to real-life situations as well. Experience is a great teacher but there are some mistakes that you can’t make with patients.

So how can students learn from experience without risking any patients that they may be working with?

Chisholm Institute presents a solution: create realistic simulations with advanced technology.

nursing and allied health professionals at chisholm institute berwick centre for health

Top-notch learning facilities driven by technology

The Berwick Centre for Health is a 15M USD facility located within the grounds of Chisholm Institute. It is a dedicated teaching and simulation facility for students taking up Nursing, Community Services, and Allied Health.

“From our first day of teaching in our new location, students were amazed with the technology. [It has] life-like patients and training rooms which are designed to replicate hospital wards, counselling services, and home care,” said Dr. Susan Maastricht, General Manager (Health) at Chisholm Institute.

Inside the Berwick Centre for Health are 4 replicas of hospital wards, each with 6 patient beds to provide a realistic simulated environment. Students also have access to specialized laerdal simulation mannequins at the facility. With the help of programming, these mannequins help in creating more realistic simulations for the students. Firstly, they can respond to treatment and medication. The simulation mannequins can also explain their hypothetical symptoms to the student attending to them. Finally, these mannequins can even engage in real-time conversation with the help of AI technology!

Collaborative learning and working environment

Working within a team is another experience that students within the field of Nursing and Allied Health can benefit from. The Berwick Centre for Health also has facilities which promote a collaborative learning environment for students and personnel alike. 

“For our staff, it is a different way of teaching and working – it’s very collaborative. It provides the students with a much more engaging and immersive experience. [This is] so that when they transition to the workplace, they’re already familiar with the environment,” said Dr. Rick Ede, CEO of Chisholm Institute.

The facility has 2 simulated laboratories connected to observation rooms, allowing students to discuss training procedures amongst themselves and evaluate each other’s work. Informal learning commons and group study pods can also be found at the Centre – perfect for study sessions!

nursing and allied health professionals talk at berwick centre for health

Working with Nursing and Allied Health professionals

Another benefit of opening the Berwick Centre for Health is that it complements existing training partnerships the Chisholm Institute has with 3 hospitals in the area. 

“It’s an opportunity for us and the students to develop a more predictable relationship where we understand the classes and education delivery, and how industry-ready the students are. [Similarly] for the students to become more familiar with how we operate,” said Lisa Norman, CEO of St. John of God Hospital.

The Berwick Centre of Health is a great platform for students to meet the seasoned Nursing and Allied Health professionals training them in the middle. Even more exciting is that this facility is only the beginning. A second training facility is currently in the final process of construction, and will open to aid more students soon!

Do you want to experience learning at the Berwick Centre for Health?

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