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How To Review For The SAT In The Philippines

Do you ever feel like you want to study but don’t know how to start? (Don’t worry. We feel ya!)

Studying for a licensure exam or a standardized test like the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) often feels this way. Not only is there the pressure of exam results as determinants of your “success” (a.k.a. school admissions and scholarship opportunities), but also that overwhelming feeling of a gazillion things to review for the test. How exactly do you exactly prepare for that?

Well, we say study hard and study smarter! If you’re looking into colleges and universities abroad and you’re planning to take the SAT, we suggest you take down notes and let this study guide help you prepare for the big day. Ya ready?


What is the coverage of the SAT?

The first step to studying for the SAT is knowing the exam coverage. This three-hour pen and pencil standardized exam aims to test a student’s readiness for college. That’s why you can expect various competency areas that will evaluate your numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking abilities. Here are the SAT sections you should prepare for:

SAT Section

Number of items

Time allotment

Reading Test


65 minutes

Writing and Language Test


35 minutes

Mathematics Test (with and without a calculator)


80 minutes

Essay (optional)

50 minutes


How do I study for the SAT?

Believe us when we say, there is no one way to review for the SAT. There are, however, tried-and-tested study hacks on how you can prepare yourself for the standardized test. While every student has their own learning style, let these following study tips and techniques help you make that dream SAT score a reality:

1. Take time to prepare your SAT study plan.

Studying for a quiz is different from studying for the SAT. While you can skim through your notes five-minutes before the quiz and miraculously get a perfect score (we don’t recommend this), that style won’t simply fly in the SAT.

Take time to actually prepare your study plan! Months before the exam, start drafting your review timeline, gathering your learning materials, and implementing your actual plan. Time is of the essence, and you can use it to your advantage!

PS. Just for this one, don’t put the pro in procrastination.

2. Study strategically.

The SAT covers an extensive number of subject areas. But don’t worry, be strategic! Since the exam is more likely to focus on breadth than depth (just like in most standardized tests), study smart by learning the fundamentals. Check out this free SAT live online classes here.

Cover the basics first, and learn strategies and techniques along the way. What does this mean for the SAT? Brush up on your grammar. (Half of the Writing and Language Test is comprised of grammar questions!) Memorize basic formulas. Read A LOT. Practice mental math (saves you time, tbh). And basically, make learning your default mode.

3. Take practice tests seriously.

Study all the study guides, and realize that it says the same thing: take practice tests. And by “practice test” we mean doing it before, during, and after your SAT review. It’s a constant learning cycle!

Taking a diagnostic test will help you gauge your subject strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus your review. Taking practice tests during the review will evaluate how effective your study is so you can adjust where it’s needed. And lastly, taking an evaluation test after the course of your review will determine how prepared you are for the actual exam and get a feel of the SAT.

Since the SAT questions are pretty templated, taking practice tests can help lessen possible #shookt moments when you take the actual test since you’ve done it already a couple of times. Now, it’ll just feel like another practice!  

As if those weren’t enough reasons to convince you to take practice tests seriously, taking it also helps familiarize you with the test structure and instructions for each section, control your exam-taking pace, and learn from exam errors you frequently make. Now, ain’t those practice tests just heaven-sent?

Take the official SAT Practice test offered by the College Board and the Khan Academy!

4. Prepare for the exam holistically.

Preparing for the SAT isn’t just mental preparation. It will require ALL of you to get that SAT score up to 1600! (Or at least, somewhere along that mark.) Aside from a focused study preparation, commit yourself to a physically and emotionally healthy condition all throughout your review.

This simply means putting your study game face on, all while taking extra care of yourself. For starters, eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, and sleeping full hours. When you’re body is well-taken care of, your brain will thank you for it on SAT day. (This is a gentle reminder NOT to cram on the day before SAT, and just relax!)

5. Involve people in your SAT review.

While all these study tips are great, doing it together with your friends can make it a whole lot better. Involve people in your SAT review! Sure, it will still depend on what works best for you, but we’re pretty sure finding your OTP (read: one true partner) for your SAT review or bringing the whole squad along to a review class can mean the whole world when you don’t feel like studying at all.

PS. More people means more insights too. Don’t be shy to ask help from people who already took the SAT! Trust us, they offer some real, solid advice about the exam.


Where can I review for the SAT in the Philippines?

Aside from sticking to your personal study plan for the SAT, you might also be interested to learn a lil’ more and attend a review class. Taking study classes help a lot in processing what you already reviewed, and discuss in detail the things you still find difficult or confusing. Not to mention, the opportunity to interact with fellow SAT takers who share the same ~feels~ as you!

Here are five review centers in the Philippines you can check out:

AHEAD Tutorial And Review

  • If you’re all about a tailor-fit learning approach, then AHEAD’s Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform is perfect for your SAT review! Study with your learning style in mind with AHEAD’s SAT Review Program. 

Help’s everywhere. Find your nearest AHEAD branch!

Manhattan Review

  • Whether in person or live online, let the Manhattan Review help you prepare for the SAT! Make your dream SAT score happen with their personalized 1-on-1 tutoring, flexible review hours, and free practice test.

Diamond Hotel Philippines, Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila

MSA Institute

  • Studying for the SAT won’t be a problem. Just find an MSA review center near you! It offers a 32-hour preparation course, plus an SAT Subject Test Preparation (SAT ll) and SAT Supplemental Review programs. How prepared can you get?

Help’s everywhere. Find your nearest MSA branch!

The Princeton Review Philippines

  • Study for the SAT at your preferred pace. Private tutorial? Small group setting? Or Ultimate Class setup? The Princeton Review gotchu all covered!

2/F Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila

The Study PH

  • Get SAT ready with Enderun College’s review program. While The Study PH just started in 2017, you can count on proven study skills and strategies taught by no less than experienced and qualified teachers!

4/F, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City


The weeks and months (and tears) you spend reviewing for the exam are the time you invest in your future. Make it count! As you prepare yourself for the SAT, we hope you remember these study tips and techniques and help you review in a way that makes learning fun and effective. Hey, we’re already claiming that 1600 SAT score with you!

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