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How to Write an Application Essay for Studying Abroad

Are you ready to write your application essay for studying abroad? What university do you dream of going to? For majority of you reading this article, your dream universities will have acceptance rates of below 20%, but don’t let that small number intimidate you. There are thousands of other kids just like you around the world with the same dream school, a well-rounded resume, and an impressive SAT score. So what makes you any different, more than just another number a tired admissions officer has to deal with? That’s right, as you’ve guessed from the title of this article, it’s the all important application essay.

So what makes a great application essay? Read on and find out!

Picking the Right Application Prompt

When applying to colleges abroad, more often than not, you’ll be given a list of prompts to choose from with a 300-700 word limit.

The picture above shows a few Common Application prompts. A common trait of all of these prompts is that they are ambiguous and open to interpretation. Choose one that will allow you to show a side of you that isn’t shown in your resume. Be creative and tailor your answer to the course you want and the colleges you are targeting.


Talk About What Inspires You

Everyone has a story and a reason for the choices they make. Talk about what inspires you to do what you do. Writing about something close to your heart makes it seem more natural and less forced which gives the admissions officer the idea that you’re serious about what you want to do. Your application essay becomes more enticing to the admissions officer if it shows that you really believe in what you’re saying.


Make it about an experience Unique to you

Many people will have similar experiences but very few will have exactly the same. If you are going to talk about something that many people go through, such as transferring schools or an athletic injury, highlight what part about it is unique to your experience. The application essay is supposed to distinguish you from other applicants and that won’t happen if you submit a TL;DR high school essay.


Don’t be ashamed of where you’re from

Competing against people all over the world can be intimidating. Although they say being an international student can be a disadvantage, that isn’t true. There are certain experiences you can only get by being Filipino that people from no other nationality will have. Using these can be effective in making your application essay more impactful


Show some personality

The purpose of an application essay is to show your individuality. When an admissions officer reads your application essay, they should have a better idea of who you are aside from your grades and activities. One guideline you can use is to try to write an application essay that your friends can identify is you. If your friends found your application essay on the floor and knew it was you, then you have a good  application essay. It may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.


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