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I’ve Been Admitted to a US University! What’s Next?

Congratulations on your admission! After weighing your options of which school to confirm your admission to, it’s time to officially prepare for the upcoming school year! Here are 5 steps on what to do after you get admitted!

1. Get in touch with your admissions counsellor.

Most universities have a separate admissions counsellor for international students. His or her contact information will most likely be indicated in your acceptance letter. You should feel free to ask all your queries regarding what other documents you need to submit and the like. Aside from checking in with your admissions counsellor, browse your university’s welcome page as it most likely contains the FAQs. Maximise the resources given to you so you can properly adjust as you enter your new university.

2. Reserve your slot.

Once you are 100% sure that you wish to go to a particular  university, confirm your slot by paying the tuition deposit. More information on this is usually stated in your acceptance packet as it indicates what you should do to confirm your intention to enroll.

3. Get to know your batchmates

After decision day, most universities already have created a Facebook Group for incoming freshmen. Don’t forget to join the group as it is your way of connecting with your future classmates as well as getting announcements from your school’s international office or admissions office. To add to this, some universities have a Facebook Group specifically for parents so make sure to ask your parents or guardians to join that group for further announcements.

4. Figure out your housing plan

Most US universities require freshmen to live on campus. Some dorms are for one, but most are for two or even three people. This means that you would have to either look for a roommate or have the housing officer randomly select one for you.

As mentioned above, your Facebook group is a way for you to get to know who you’ll be spending the next four years of your life with. It is also through the Facebook group where students can put up a roommate search post so he or she wouldn’t have to go through the random selection of roommates.

5. Obtain your I-20 Visa

International students require an I-20 Visa or a student visa to pursue studies in the US. Universities give out the specific application form for you to fill out and submit to the US Embassy. There are also specific documents that you need to present to the embassy such as financial statements and other important files that show that you and your family can support your education in America.

You are all set! Check out Edukasyon.ph’s Study Abroad section for more tips when studying abroad or check out more schools in US or from other parts of the globe here