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King’s University College Is Your New Home Away From Home

Many of us dream of studying abroad. Imagine yourself walking the streets of places you’ve never been to, meeting new people, and gaining new knowledge and perspectives—all at the same time! It is totally an opportunity you would immediately grab once given to you.

While you dream of seeing yourself flourish in a new environment, you can’t help but feel scared that you might just not fit in. Questions like “What if I don’t get to adapt to the culture quickly?” or “What if I don’t find real friends during my stay at the university?” keep you far from reaching that dream. That’s where choosing the right university with a welcoming community comes into the picture. And King’s University College in Canada can help you pop those thought bubbles and simply turn this dream into reality!

King’s University College welcomes students from all over the world every year. Among 3,500 students enrolled in the university, 700 of them are international students from different faiths and backgrounds, and you can be one of them! If you’re scared that you might not easily adapt to the culture, here’s how King’s can assure you that you’ll have a smooth transition and you’ll get to enjoy their diverse community:

Bridge that cultural gap

We know how nerve-wracking it is to be the new kid on the block while everyone seems to know each other so well already. We’re here to tell you that it is totally normal and it’s okay! To help you lessen the fear of not being able to fit in, King’s offers the International Bridging Program for international students. This program allows new students to spend a few days on academic orientation, practical workshops, and fun activities to help them loosen up and get a feel of the culture in Canada.

PS. In case you still need some moral support from mom and dad (don’t worry, we understand) or they insist to still look after you until they know you are ready, you can tag them along because parents can also take the Bridging Program!

Get the best of both worlds

King‍’s is already a prestigious university on its own, but gaining access to another top-ranked university’s classes? Count me in! Through King’s affiliation with Western University, one of the most respected schools in Canada, students get access to their classes, clubs, and amenities. When you think things can’t get any better than this, King’s students also graduate with a Western University degree! Truly, you’ll get to experience the best of both worlds with King’s and Western.

Meet your peer guide

We all need that one person we can always count on throughout our years of studying. Through the Peer Guide Program offered at King’s, first year international students are paired with returning King’s students who will assist them with adjustment to university culture and Canadian life. Both you and your peer guide have the chance to develop cross-cultural skills and gain diverse networks by spending time together weekly throughout the fall term. You can also attend social events like excursions and cultural holiday parties, and who knows? Your peer guide might become your BFF not just inside the university but even outside!

King’s is truly a university that cares for its students from the moment they enter their campus until they receive their diploma and are ready for the real world. With the programs and perks offered by King’s, international students can proudly say that they have found a new home away from home.

Ready to turn your dream into reality? Check out King’s University College to know more about their diverse community and academic programs!