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Life in Madrid with SLU-Madrid Students Christian and Paula

Saint Louis University – Madrid students Christian and Paula share their top 5 reasons why you will fall in love with your life in Spain:

language in spain

The language

In Spain, the people want you to speak their language. They will help you practice as much as you want, and they won’t give in and speak to you in English. And that’s what will help you learn Spanish. ¡Mola mazo, tío!

slu madrid people

The people

Madrid’s people are among the most open in the world. They are always ready to hang out with you anywhere and at any time of day. After a long day of classes, or even in between classes, the people here are always inviting me to tomar algo (have a drink). And your friends are just as nice as the strangers on the street; people here look out for each other. They may stare, but it’s because they find you interesting.

madrid food

The food

Have you ever tried jamón ibérico? Cochinillo? Patatas bravas? Food in Madrid is unlike anywhere in the world. It’s not as spicy or as exotic as some other European foods, but its simplicity makes it unique.

madrid economy

When my wallet is happy, then I am happy

One of our favorite things about Madrid is that it is affordable compared to the rest of Europe. In Paris, a simple taxi ride costs an arm and a leg, but here, my menu del día (daily lunch menu) costs as low as 6€. The price is right in Madrid.


I arrived as a foreigner but now I live like a Madrileño

Spanish people don’t distinguish between the two. They’ll treat you just like any other Spaniard from day one. And like me, soon you’ll be saying “My family is overseas, but I also have a family here in Madrid”.

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