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Life in Switzerland: 10 things Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne students want you to know

There are so many things that you don’t know about Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne! After a survey with EHL students, here are the top 10 things that they want to share with you!

1. Organizing events is our thing

From EHL’s famous Fête Finale and Fête Universelle to the Young Hoteliers Summit, EHL students devote themselves to organizing amazing events and conferences that never disappoint! Being either focused on social entertainment or on hospitality innovation and trends, – and much more of course! – these events are a great way to network, have fun, or learn from industry leaders and guest speakers from around the world!


“One morning I saw a small group of full-grown adults that were squealing like kids around something. When I got closer I realized they were standing around the new robot that the school got. I just thought that it was hilarious to see middle-aged people so dazzled by technology. Oh, and it’s pretty cool that we have a robot.”, explains Antoine Dubach, Bachelor student.

So yes, EHL has a robot, and she is very cute! The beloved piece of technology can tell you all about our school!

3. The terrace in the spring and summer time

From April to October, students can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or their study sessions on the panoramic terrace that overlooks our beautiful Swiss mountains. A student says: “I love the terrace so much because every time that I sit there with friends, we end up meeting at least 3 new people.” It is even better when the whole vegetable garden comes to life! Did you know that it contained a hive and that its honey is sold at the school’s shop?

4. Berceau des Sens

Having a gastronomic restaurant like the BDS at school is definitely quite extraordinary. The food is incredible and the service… well the service depends on the APs that are serving you ! But students say that it is perfect for business lunch or to get prepared for a night out of dancing organized by the Fête Final Committee.

Then we have the BDS bar. If you have ever wished to finish your late classes and have a real, luxurious cocktail bar meters away from you, your wishes are granted! Students love to head over to the BDS bar to grab a well-deserved drink after a long and hard day of work.

5. The snacks offer is unreal

You will get fresh bread and pastries every morning, grab a serving of sushi at the Grab and Go for lunch, enjoy amazingly tasteful Nutella crepes and gaufres from 3.15 pm at the Finger Food, or order an Oreo milkshake or a customized smoothie at Bar Passerelle! Well, the list is never-ending!

6. The gym

The fact that we have a professional gym on campus with high-end equipment is already extraordinary. But what some people ignore is that we have trainers that will create a personalized training and nutritional plan for you. There are also open collective courses every day of the week such as yoga, pilates, body pump, ABS, and boxing!

7. T-H-E dress code

The school’s dress code is definitely a striking part of our daily lives. A student says: “It is actually really nice to have to wear a suit every day, at least I don’t have to lose time in the morning to think about what I am going to wear.”

Another student had a more professional approach to it: “It may be hard to wear a suit and to shave every single day, but this school is always filled with important people so I am glad that I am always presentable just in case I meet my future boss in the corridors.”

8. Cures after a night out dancing at a student event

Students have multiple techniques to get over their “Work Hard, Play Harder” lifestyle. Of course, a simple option is a cup of coffee or mozzarella sticks but the most recurring and efficient answer was a large orange, carrot and ginger juice! There is also the option of the Green Detox breakfast at the finger food counter which is only served from opening time until 9:30a.m that consists of an avocado toast with a fried egg on top!

9. Our great bar staff

When the bar is calmer than usual, try chatting up the staff at the bar! They are hilarious and always have the best anecdotes and advice! They might just be the best confidants around!! They also shared that they really appreciate the contact of with the student, Stéphane, Bar Manager at M Bar, even said: “Behind every student hides an amazing encounter.”

10. A must-have security team

According to students, “the security team is always saving us”. Yes, indeed the campus is large and things can get lost. The security team effortlessly tracks them down and recovers them for you. But in other cases, students may get in a pickle… one student explains: “Once, I mistakenly locked myself in my dorm bathroom, so security had to break the bathroom door to save me.”


*This article originally appeared on EHL website, with minor edits by the Edukasyon.ph team