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Looking For English-based Degree Programs? Take Them At Waseda University

Do you want to study abroad? 

To study in a prestigious university abroad is a dream for many students. It will give not only an edge over future competition in job applications but perhaps, more importantly, it gives a global learning experience one can only get when exposed to an international community of eager learners and equally passionate teachers. 

Waseda University will give you all of that and more. Founded in 1882, it is one of the oldest and top ranked universities in Japan—making it one of the most sought after as well. Waseda University has a long established history of excellence and proven track record. 

Who knows, this could be the school for you! 

Are you worried about language barrier issues? 

Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE) offers English-based degree programs specialized in political science and economics. Enrolling in these one of these world-class, English-based degrees will not be a problem even if you do not speak Japanese. Just pick one that is perfect for you! 

B.A. in Political Science, B.A. in Economics and B.A. in Global Political Economy are found under one roof in SPSE. Students are trained in these fields under the supervision of a competent international faculty with actual international experience in the fields of teaching and research. Simply put, you learn from the best in the field.

Your experience in SPSE will also enrich you in ways that cannot be taught in a classroom or learned online. Your experience in an open-minded, culturally-diverse learning environment will take you a step further in understanding the world and equipping you to be relevant in the society’s most pressing concerns. Are you excited? 

Give yourself a head start in the global arena and check out the SPSE English-based degree programs at Waseda University!