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Loyola Marymount University: Honing Global Citizen Culture

With globalization rapidly increasing, the importance of becoming a global citizen is also increasingly becoming a staple for universities and cities all over the world. Fortunately for students of Loyola Marymount University, the process of understanding what it means to become a global citizen is a fun and eventful exercise filled with dancing and witty crafts.                        

On the evening of November 15, 2018, students of Loyola Marymount University participated in the Office of International Students and Scholar’s (OISS) annual Global Citizen Day. Students went in with souvenir passports to learn about opportunities for study and service abroad. Students also engaged with diverse cultural groups found all over the Alumni Mall.

Using their souvenir passports, students collected stamps from each unique “destinations” around the campus. With the help of ASLMU, Study Abroad and the Center for Service and Action, the event was filled with diversity from start to finish. Globally-oriented programs and organizations that have found a home in the LMU community also took part in the event. 

The Loyola Marymount University experience from an international student

Abbey Grosse, who is a 21-year-old communications and public relations major from Perth, was one of the students who attended the event. 

”We tend to only focus on our own experiences. But when we’re open to experiencing different cultures, we can start to understand how others see the world, and understand our own communities better.”

Just like any other international student, Grosse had her fair share of struggles. “Being far from home is a struggle for everyone, whether it’s two hours or two days away,” said Grosse. 

However, her stay at LMU has been enriched with challenges and experiences. She is now part of the women’s water polo team and is living with other international students at an off-campus housing managed by the OISS. 

Different perspectives, different cultures

The Loyola Marymount University spearheads a lot of unique programs designed to help students integrate into an unfamiliar culture. One of these programs is the Casa de la Mateada program.

Jared Gencarella, a 19-year-old marketing major and alumnus of the Casa de la Mateada program shared a note on how the program has changed his perspective of the world.


Global Citizen Day

“You can research all you want, or see a lot of sights, but that doesn’t give you the full understanding of a place. It’s about the people, taking the time to see and interact with them and most importantly listen to them. I think that’s our goal as a Jesuit university, to be both with and for other people no matter where they are.”

A showcase of home, away from home

The Loyola Marymount University is home to more than 1000 international students and scholars from all parts of the world. Some of these students showcased their cultures by performing on the main stage, in their traditional attire. 

Two freshman students, Aye Myat Theingi and Aditi Vori shared their heritage through a compilation of Indian dances and songs. According to Theingi, “being a global citizen isn’t just having open eyes and ears.

It means seeking these experiences out, with the goal of knowing about it and trying to understand it. It takes empathy, kindness and courage.”

The Loyola Marymount University’s Office of International Students and Scholars hold the Global Citizen Day event annually. As they take in scholars and students from all over the world, it should be expected that future students from LMU are truly global citizens. 

Are you thinking of becoming a global citizen yourself? Loyola Marymount University is looking for students like you!

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