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How to Maximize Study Abroad Fairs

Anyone who has joined a study abroad fair can describe those events in one word: “chaos”. You will be in one room surrounded by hundreds of people clamoring around, lining up, and waiting for a few precious minutes to ask school representatives the same questions. To maximize the opportunity to meet your dream school’s representatives in just a short amount of time, we have the following tips:

1. Research

Have an idea on what schools and programs you want to attend. Choosing the right school is crucial, as it is where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life. So make sure to do your research! On top of that, don’t just go to a school because it’s in one of the top 10 schools. Go to a school that’s the best fit for you, taking into different factors such as location, student life, class size and etc.

2. Finalize

With the hundreds of people in the fair, you need to learn how to make most of your time. Most fairs have a list of the institutions that will participate in it, so beforehand, make sure to prioritize which are your “primary” schools and “secondary” schools. Doing so can help you make a timeline on how much time you can allot for each school. Another tip is to get a map of the fair (if there’s one) to help you navigate through the event smoothly.

3. List your questions

Having already a list of questions on hand will keep you more on track when asking representatives about the institution. This will help you deviate from the “uhms” and wasted seconds. Also, don’t go for the generic questions like “So tell me something about this university?” or “Do you offer this major?”. You can find those things online! This is your time to get to know about the school or a certain program outside of what is listed on their website, so make your questions count.

4. Be early

In college fairs, time is key. Arriving early will help you make most of the fair so that you get to have a more in-depth conversation with the college representatives. It will also give you more time to look at other schools other than the ones you have listed. You’ll never know you might find a school that you’ll be interested in. Take note – the early birds also get the best freebies!

5. Follow-up

Stay in touch! After talking to the representatives of different schools, don’t forget to get on their mailing list! This will help you be updated on things about the college, like conferences of the institution around your area, opportunities such as one-on-one appointments, and etc. Make sure to get their contact information, too, just in case if you have any follow-up questions afterward.

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