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Meet The First Veterinary Medicine Students At CityU

Do you still remember your answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” These veterinary medicine students from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) sure do!

When you were a child, your idea of a “dream career” could easily be influenced by external factors. Is Mom a doctor? You probably wanted to be just like her. The latest Need For Speed installment was just released? Suddenly racing was at the top of your goals. And who didn’t have a fascination with animals whenever Mom and Dad took them to the zoo?

As we gain more information about ourselves and the world around us, we also begin to reconsider past choices in favor of more informed career decisions. Factors like interests, skills, and even salary also come into play. Maybe this is why it’s inspiring to find people who have followed their heart, taking a career path guided by their passion and interests.

Read on to learn more about the stories of five Veterinary Medicine students from CityU!

Why choose Veterinary Medicine as a course?

five students of veterinary medicine at city university of hong kong

From left to right: Yoojin, Samantha, Alicia, Savina, and Rachel

Meet Yoojin, Samantha, Alicia, Savina, and Rachel. The five of them are Veterinary Medicine students at City University of Hong Kong — the first university in the region to offer such a course.It is the first program of its kind in Asia to receive an international accreditation from the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC).

So why did they choose to study Veterinary Medicine?

All of the five students chose this specific major because of their shared love for animals. Yoojin admits that her curiosity for animals drew her into the program. Rachel also adds that her passion is helping living creatures and she loves the idea of being able to heal them someday.

What is studying Veterinary Medicine like?

Certainly there is more to the course than being passionate about the well-being of animals. The students began by studying basic science. After getting the basics down pat, they began to explore a wider range of topics including ecology, behavioral conditions, and food safety.

The Veterinary Medicine program at CityU embraces the concept of “One Health”. This is a belief that sees animals, humans, and the environment as interrelated. As a result, the program curriculum specifically includes topics like animal transmitted diseases, animal welfare, fish medicine, and food safety.

Despite their packed schedules, the students confidently share how they are still able to make time for their hobbies.

Yoojin shares that she loves reading novels during her free time. Meanwhile, Rachel enjoys the occasional medical drama and hanging out with her friends. Samantha and Savina are both into physical hobbies: Samantha is into sports like cycling and basketball while Savina loves dancing. Finally, Alicia spends her downtime drawing.

What are your plans for the future?

The students’ varied answers to this question further highlighted the diversity of the curriculum offered by CityU.

Given that Alicia, Rachel, and Savina are all members of the first batch of students to be admitted into the program, the responses to this question were very clear. Alicia wants to specialize in working with worms and parasites in the hopes of exploring their potential benefits. Rachel wants to start up a business in veterinary science while Savina hopes to do more research on farm animals and pets.

Meanwhile, Samantha and Yoojin have a shared interest: conservation. Yoojin hopes to join the wildlife conservation sector and Samantha aims to contribute to the care and conservation of smaller animals.

Has this article piqued your interest in studying Veterinary Medicine?

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