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One-day workshop for a life-time career advancement!

Truly, all things become less relevant over time. We even end up undermining the things we have learned in school. The knowledge we have acquired gets replaced with even newer trends, research, and insights as time goes by. All our skills end up having a shelf-life that wanes and changes over time. Thus, without commitment to continuous learning, it is likely to wake up knowing less than what you know before.

With the fast-paced advent of information and technology, continuous learning is essential in order to survive and thrive in your career path. As life changes, the need to adapt both professionally and personally is as real as the change itself.

Expanding your ability to learn by consistently advancing your skills and increasing your knowledge can help you be adaptive and equipped in a constantly evolving life of work and demands.


ICON International Management Training Academy (IIMTA) Inc., is the leading and the number one training center in Doha, Qatar and has now expanded its services here in the Philippines. It exists to mediate the life strains and the need to keep up with the ever-evolving world.

IIMTA not only helps professionals who are keen on obtaining and mastering relevant skills and knowledge, but also those who are career shifters and undergraduates. IIMTA is also for anyone who wants to pursue Diplomas and International Certificates to pace their competence in the global market of job opportunities.

Apart from short training courses and programs on various professional fields, IIMTA also conducts seminars of international standards. IIMTA also customizes training events for corporates and companies seeking the need to train their people in accordance with their company’s requirement.


If the idea of career advancement and personal growth excites you, then it’s time to start thinking about earning more qualifications to set the pace of your career trajectory!

Currently, various in-house workshops on Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Customer Service are being conducted at the facilities of IIMTA in Makati City. These workshops aim to involve keen learners in a one-day training that would cultivate their competence and expertise in their chosen career path. See image below for details on the upcoming events!

With the goal of establishing the identity of ICON in the Philippines, IIMTA has been showcasing its programs in different ways. Free workshops on Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Admin Secretarial have been conducted in the past few months subsequent to the launching of IIMTA – Philippines.



Participants of the Human Resource Management Free Workshop.


“I appreciate the overall execution of this training. Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you for the great speaker we had. God bless!.” – anonymous

“The overview of HRM for a non-HR person and working professional is very impressive. The speaker’s credibility radiates the topics to the audience effectively.” – anonymous

I appreciate the actual activity given by the facilitators, it is quite enjoyable and knowledgeable. I learned a lot from the sharing activity which I think would be beneficial in my chosen career this year” – anonymous

“The instructor can explain the topics well and I am enlightened to some topics especially Philippine Taxation did some change because of Train Law.” – anonymous

Interested in training for international certification in Human Resource, Accounting, or Admin Secretarial

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