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Six Ways on How to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Studying Abroad

Keeping your physical and mental health is crucial, especially when you have overflowing requirements that may put on some stress. There are several ways on how to stay healthy even if you’re far away from home, here are six ways!

Be active

Most universities have gyms exclusively for their students. Take advantage of your gym membership and squeeze in some time to workout. If you aren’t a fan of gyms, you can opt to stroll or jog around the campus. Walking to campus everyday is already considered an exercise. Another alternative is to work out in your dorm. There are several apps for working out such as PumpUpApp and Nike Training Club. All you need is a yoga mat, some weights, and a workout band.

Watch what you eat

Veganism is not the only way to be healthy. It is hard to completely eat clean especially when you’re living in a dorm. One way to watch your health is to practice portion control. Don’t deprive yourself of sweets and fast food; instead, learn the proper food intake to avoid calorie surplus. Another tip is to find alternatives for your favorite snacks and dishes. For instance, you can swap french fries with sweet potato fries and candy with frozen fruits. Make sure to also stay hydrated. Invest in a reusable water bottle and make it a habit to carry it around wherever you go.  Lastly, choose healthy options when snacking late at night. Nuts are a good source of nutrients and are good for the brain.


Sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is an obvious fact that many students choose to ignore. Sleep is shown to have strong effects on your mood and mental health, so make this a priority. Maintaining a proper sleep-wake cycle will improve your overall health, positively influencing your other bodily functions such as hormone release, digestion and eating habits, and body temperature. Try to avoid all-nighters by learning how to manage your time properly. If it is truly inevitable, make sure to catch up on some sleep on weekends. 

Keep your friends close

Meeting new people is inevitable in university. You’ll find people from all different walks of life, sharing interests with them. Who knows, some friends you meet in college may be friends for life! So, try to meet new people and surround yourself with new friends who will support you on your personal journey through college.


This is not just something limited to Buddhists or yoga practitioners. Meditation is a good way to keep yourself at ease during high points of stress. It can come in the forms of mindfulness exercises, physical workout like yoga, and others. It is a good practice to keep calm and prevent any stress-induced headaches.

Keep in touch with home

You will find yourself getting homesick often if you are studying abroad. A good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by checking up every once in a while with your loved ones back home. A message or a call may not only make yourself feel better, but the person you are contacting as well. You can never stray too far away from home, after all.

Hope these tips help you as you embark on another chapter in your life! Check out our blog for more study abroad tips!