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Student Spotlight: Calla Sweetzer-Sturt, Go Abroad student of University of Kent

At University of Kent, one of the UK’s leading universities, many of their degrees include a year in industry or study abroad option, allowing students to study in the United Kingdom and another country. Students could also have the chance to undertake a summer school with one of Kent’s partner universities.

Kent student, Calla Sweetzer-Sturt, recently completed the Dongguk International Summer School:

“I only applied for the first session, but I wish I’d stayed on for the full month. My time at Dongguk left me very keen to travel to Asia again and return to Korea in particular someday. I only came across the summer school by chance browsing the University of Kent website – I think it’s excellent that Kent has so many international partnerships which offer students opportunities like these.

My trip to Korea was really exciting and rewarding from an academic and personal standpoint. I found that the intensive lessons struck a great balance with the various social and cultural excursions on offer, allowing plenty of chances to join in with guided trips as well as independent sight-seeing.

I got to meet many great people, often going out to eat and drink with fellow students and some of the Dongguk buddies too. The atmosphere alone, being right in the central district of Seoul at the foot of Mt Namsan, is something I will always remember.

I really think immersive experiences like this summer school are a wonderful way to challenge yourself and expand your horizons as a young person and as a student. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be culturally and politically engaged, or simply to have fun.”

Whether you want to study or work overseas as part of your degree, or undertake a summer school, why not get a taste of the Go Abroad experience with University of Kent.

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