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Student Spotlight: Claire Peng, Bachelor of Commerce Student at University of Queensland

Is studying in Australia what you expected and why?

Studying in Australia has certainly exceeded my expectations and I believe this experience will be one of the best times in my life.

I enjoy every single day in and out of Brisbane. And I’m happy that I have made so many friends from Australia and all over the world.

For me, studying in Australia is an exciting adventure and a great opportunity to get to know different cultures, different people from a variety of backgrounds, and exploring amazing landscapes in this country.

While enrolled at University of Queensland, have you undertaken an internship or industry placement?

I’ve had some amazing experiences. I did an internship in the Brisbane Lord Mayor Office in my second year, which was a great experience for me to discover my interests and my abilities.

I’m currently at University of Queensland (UQ) International because I love to contribute to my university and our community by helping new students, and I have volunteered in different city events.

I’m now undertaking the UQ Advantage Award Program, which is helping me enrich my university experience and discover my career possibilities.

What have you discovered, either personally or academically through your studies at UQ?

UQ has definitely helped me discover myself and my potential. Before, I was kind of struggling with what my interests really were. UQ gave me the opportunities to try new things and get a clearer idea of my interests.

For example, elective courses like international relations have widened my perspective and have sparked my interest in a globally-minded business career. The way that UQ teaches is totally different from universities in my home country. UQ encourages students to learn independently and I’ve gained my critical thinking skills and inter-cultural communication skills through my learning and life at UQ.

What advice would you give people from other countries about studying at UQ?

  1. Get to know the culture, the people and make new friends. It’s pretty important to have friends around you especially when you have just landed in a foreign country.
  2. Study hard and smart! UQ is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world and one of the top three universities in Australia for a reason. Sometimes study can be stressful and exams can be hard. Manage your time wisely and put in the effort.
  3. Join student clubs and societies – they are your gateway to university life and campus culture.
  4. Enjoy your time in Australia!