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Student Spotlight: Froland Tajale, Hinrich Foundation Scholar

Hailing from Camiguin, Philippines, Froland Magallanes Tajale is awarded by Hinrich Foundation with a Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship. Currently, he’s taking up Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Global Marketing in Hong Kong Baptist University and Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Learn more about his journey as a scholar and as an advocate of global trade.

My first thought when I learned I was awarded this scholarship

It was a mix of emotions. In the end, I have to think on a long-term basis. I accepted this scholarship to advance professionally as a development economist, a trade expert and to also give my family, and my significant other a better life in the future.

Why I’m interested in trade

I’m interested in advocating an open foreign policy for the Philippines. Through the years, trade has evolved in form, essence, and its impact to the community. When implemented properly, it drives economic sustainability and inclusive growth.

What this scholarship opportunity means to me

As with many other opportunities out there, I think this scholarship program is among the game-changers with its Work Integrated Learning approach. It means an added learning for me to strategically approach real-world challenges as opposed to just observing and studying cases and concepts in the confines of the classroom.

The international experiences I’m most looking forward to

I am definitely looking forward to meeting people from different culture and backgrounds. This will allow me to exchange ideas with them and identify areas of collaboration in terms of career and other aspects of our lives.

What I’ll bring to my dorm to remind me of home and why

Food is one thing that will remind me of home. I guess I will bring some local food that will remind me of good memories I have at home with my family and loved ones. I will also bring photo albums and an internet-capable phone to constantly communicate with my love ones and for me listen to music.

My favorite hobbies and other interests

Singing—I have always been an avid audience and performer of musical arts, especially classical and theatre music. I read music and analyze the intricate intertwines of lyrics, melodies, and harmonies and how it effectively communicates its message to the people. If there is one extra-curricular activity that I will be pursuing, it will be related to music and music-making.

My proudest achievement so far in life

I am proud of being able to maintain my closeness with my family despite being away from them for a long time. I started living on my own when I was in college, the only time that my parents allowed me to accept a scholarship outside the province — I had scholarships in high school but my parents decided it is best that I stay with them until I start college.

The largest obstacle I’ve overcome so far in life

The most challenging aspect of my entire career-and-personal life is being able to fit in everything my family and I need into a budget that is limited only to how much I am earning. I am the eldest child in the family and I am the only one with regular work and income, hence I am also supporting my siblings finish school.

My future goals and aspirations

I am an economist by education, with experience in public policy. I would like to continue this track with focus on trade and international relations. I’ve always believed that trade is a tool that binds nations. In the future, I would like to put myself in a position where I can help connect nations and economies through promoting fair trade, do intensive trade research, and develop effective and efficient outward economic policies.

How I plan to give back and help others

Giving my all at what I do best as an economist, and imparting to others correct information and value judgment on issues of national or international importance.

Words of inspiration

I always regard myself as a forever scholar of life. My passion towards development is fueled by my roots in the province and everything that comes along being in a not-so-affluent household. The opportunity that the Hinrich Foundation has offered me is something that would also mean the world to somebody else, but the foundation chose me to be the instrument of its values and goals as an institution. I will forever be thankful for this.

To all growth aspirants out there, macro- and micro-economic sustainability is achievable through the collective efforts of both the government and the people in the nation. However, the fastest track to getting ahead and being sustainable in life is to have the right mindset. Cliché as it may seem but I tell you, this always gives a great deal of truth: change and success start from the self—always decide based on weighted factors that are data-driven but do not disregard your gut-feel, and always keep your feet on the ground.

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*This article originally appeared on the Hinrich Foundation blog, with minor edits by the Edukasyon.ph team.