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Student Spotlight: Leigh-Ann Pineda, Bachelor of Accounting and Finance at Australian Catholic University

What degree are you studying at Australian Catholic University?

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Leigh-Ann is a recipient of the 2017 Executive Dean’s Award.

Did you come to ACU straight from school or have a gap year?

I studied a Diploma of Accounting at TAFE before starting my bachelor degree at ACU.

What has your university experience been like?

It’s been great. During my first year I was introduced to PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) and through those sessions, I was able to develop my study habits as well as meet people and socialise with students from different courses. Now, in my second year, I became the PASS Leader and I’m having a fun learning experience with other students. I get to challenge myself with leadership abilities and time management skills.

So far, the highlight of my university experience would be the volunteering hours for BIPX100. Being a part of something bigger than myself changed my perspective on things and made me feel thankful for everything that comes my way. The unit made me realise that giving back to the community can be rewarding in many ways.

What made you choose ACU?

I was introduced to different universities by my TAFE teachers and after attending various campus tours, ACU was the best university close to our vicinity which recognised my prior learnings. The campus itself is lovely; the chapel, the courtyard and atmosphere, everything fits together and I find comfort knowing that the university cares about a student’s well-being; spiritually, physically and mentally.

Are your lecturers and tutors helpful?

The professors are approachable and they provide feedback quickly. I indulge in the fact that lecturers and tutors welcome questions and explain the content in the simplest way they can and even provide real life examples to make sure the topics are understood. The professors also encourage participation in classes making learning quick and practical. They are the first point of contact in any question you have regarding the unit. The professors not only talk about content in the slides or book, they also elaborate on how the content will play out in the industry. It’s exciting to know you are being taught by someone who is an expert in their field.

What advice would you give prospective students considering ACU?

ACU has numerous activities that make university life exciting and enjoyable, you simply have to get involved and be open to new experiences and people; stress less week, movie nights, we even had an Easter egg hunt in the courtyard. These are just some of the activities the university offers, to let students enjoy university life to the fullest. A favourite of mine is when the campus ministry provides ‘OASIS’ during exams, where you’ll be able to read Bible verses that calm your heart and mind; they are simple but very meaningful.

Also, assessments can be overwhelming but it doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. The university offers several services to help students with their studies; professors have consultation hours, the librarians can help with research, academic skills unit provides feedback on writing papers and so much more. ACU provides aid in many areas that students might have trouble with, and it’s such a welcoming feeling.

Where would you like your career path to eventually take you?

I want to become a Chartered Accountant and set up a dog shelter in the future.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, interests or aspirations?

I’m from the Philippines, my family migrated here in 2015. Ever since I was little I enjoyed numbers and I like doing maths, knowing that every question has an answer reassures and calms me. Maths has a black and white system; you can’t reason it out if your answer is wrong, you either get the answer or not. It’s simple and the principle of it relaxes me. Accounting on the other hand, is such a broad field and the way you proceed with a question depends on the approach but getting things to balance out is a wonderful feeling. I like accounting because you can tell a story by studying the numbers and entries, it’s like being able to put the pieces of a puzzle together to see the condition of a firm.

I am currently volunteering at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, it’s the company I volunteered to for my BIPX100. Even though I finished my required hours, it’s such a nice experience and I enjoy being a part of a wonderful team that helps the community.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

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