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Student Spotlight: Marco Locatelli, Management student at MIP Politecnico di Milano

“I am glad and honoured to have had the chance to grow professionally and as a person in this energetic environment and would have not been capable of taking advantage of this opportunity without my strong academic background.” -Marco Locatelli

It has been four months already since Marco started his internship in Dublin at Intesa Sanpaolo Life as Project Manager and Organisational Development Assistant. Dynamism and creativity, as well as method and assertiveness, are some of the pillars of this role.

The Irish company is part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which is Italy’s premier capitalisation banking group. Looking at the details of the business, it offers insurance-related investment products to Italian and international markets. His duties are deeply focused on a strategic project through which the company opens a new extra captive market. He also co-coordinates all the tasks and resources involved in order to accomplish milestones and deliver the project.

Marco sees this wide range of aspects should be taken into account when managing these kinds of projects makes the work both varied and interesting.  One moment you are looking at a micro view, the next is the big strategic picture; while focusing on a particular technical aspect, it is necessary to be aware of the cross-functional implications and any trade-off which might arise from certain decisions.

Marco also dealt with a diverse range of professionals during his daily work. He had the opportunity to meet the company’s leaders and managers and discuss various topics related to the project with them which he described as a marvelous opportunity. He learned how to deal with factors based on different priorities. He goes into detail with various specialists to understand and design with them the path to follow to be aligned with the company’s vision. In other words, Marco serves an active part of the breakdown process of the vision of the company, which happens when following both a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Marco discovered that communication and the ability to meet the needs of the people you are working with constitutes the most important parts of the work. Part of Marco’s work is organising an average of two meetings per day, which can be internal work progress status or external ones. Following his manager’s dynamic and proactive way of working, he was able to manage several meetings and conference calls, taking the best out of positions and benefited more than what they were supposed to have. Definitively, he discovered that an essential lateral thinking is developing in him and more importantly, he was able to express his creative thinking more and more out of the box without losing in precision and method while looking for solutions.

Marco had the privilege of working closely with the CEO and the Project Manager. His job is to assist and ensure that the management of the different projects is aligned with the company’s strategy, playing a proactive part in the PMO’s portfolio-team. This involves identifying and establishing priorities for project execution and evaluating the impact on the company. The nature of the projects must be considered; they can be categorized as business opportunities, regulatory requirements or efficiency improvements, each with its own budget constraints and lack of resources.

Because of the things he learned in the institution, Marco was able to grow professionally.  He conquered the world of Management by having a strong background from MIP Politecnico di Milano, and is continually doing so. He brings honor not just to his self, but with the entire MIP as a whole.

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