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Student Spotlight: Ronald Catameo, a successful Filipino who studied abroad

Ronald is an alumnus of the Niagara College International. He took up Critical Care and Palliative Care Nursing. He is one of the best examples of a successful Filipino who studied abroad.

#myNCStory experience: Ronald’s adventure of a lifetime

Two years ago, he came to Niagara College by himself.  “I did not know anybody, I had no idea what Canada was like and what awaited me with my studies and this new place I am in. But that did not stop me one bit. I made friends quickly. I met many students from different cultures. I was thrilled and I really enjoyed the diversity that Niagara College had to offer. ”

“I had a really wonderful time during my stay in NC. I got to work in the International department helping my fellow students with their daily concerns. Last Christmas, I was Santa Claus during the homestay Christmas party. It was really fun!!! I gave gifts to kids and took lots of pictures with students and their homestay families. It was my first time being Santa so that was awesome! I did a lot of Airport pickups too, welcoming students from India, Philippines, Japan, Korea and Spain for NC. I enjoyed it a lot! I made lots of new friends and we learned about our different cultures. My experience in NC has given me a Global perspective and a better appreciation of just how much there is to learn in the World. It made me a better person and I will always be grateful to NC for that.”

My advice for future NC international students:

Life is an adventure! Don’t let your fears hold you back. Make lots of friends. Meet people from different cultures. Travel and have fun. But don’t forget to still do your best to study hard and keeping reaching for your goals. Always Remember that the journey of a thousand miles starts with small steps, so keep following your dreams!

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