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Student Spotlight: Yuri Nishino of Waseda University

Did you know that only one in ten baristas at Starbucks have the privilege of wearing the black apron? If you’ve been to a local Starbucks recently, you might have realized that baristas either wear a green or black apron at work. Baristas wearing the black apron had to go through challenging written and taste tests to earn the privilege of wearing the coveted black apron. Despite this difficulty, Yuri Nishino from the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University passed the tests and earned the mark of a coffee master at Starbucks, the black apron.

Aside from working part-time at Starbucks while tending to her undergraduate degree, Yuri is an active member of the university-recognized Dance Team Brilliant Pinks student club in her university. The all-female dance club specializes in street dances. Yuri would practice her dance moves five days a week right before Waseda-sai, a festival held by Waseda University.

Read more on how Yuri managed to earn her black apron while balancing school work. (Source: Waseda University)

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