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Students Introduce Filipino Culture And Tradition To Waseda University

Part of the fun in being an international student is getting to know the culture around you. Sure, it can be terrifying at first. Yet, once you overcome your culture shock, learning more about the country you’re currently living in can also be quite rewarding. Studying abroad is all about expanding your horizons, after all! You can start by learning important phrases and work your way up the list of local customs — do you think they’ll have some similarities with Filipino culture and tradition? There’s so much to discover!

However, cultural diversity is not a one-way street. Yes, you can learn so much about a completely new culture by immersing in it. At the same time you can also share parts of Filipino culture and tradition with those around you.

Embracing cultural diversity

For Waseda University, cultural diversity is more than just having a healthy amount of international students join the school population. Instead, Waseda encourages its students to engage in meaningful cultural discussions. Students can actively participate in Country Festivals — events which highlight the culture of different countries from around the globe.

A few months back, it was the turn of the Philippines to be featured in the ICC CulturalFestival. Filipino students at Waseda University gladly took on the task!

“It is a rich culture engraved in the Filipino people that makes the Philippines [what it is],” the staff leader for the Philippine Country Festival said. The whole team was determined to show everyone how rich Filipino culture and tradition truly is.

traditional filipino culture and tradition dance at waseda universitySharing a part of yourself by sharing about your country

One of the best things about studying abroad is having the opportunity to learn from others and share with them what you know in return. A culturally diverse environment just multiplies this rewarding experience by a hundredfold. Keep this in mind the next time you feel unsure about sharing the Filipino culture and tradition to the people you meet overseas! You can learn more about what happened during Waseda’s Philippine Country Festival in this article.

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