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Study Abroad in Korea: International Business BBA and MBA

South Korea, the home to dreamy tourist destinations, popular K-pop music and exquisite cuisine, is also the home to some of the world’s biggest companies in automotive, shipping and tech industries. This makes earning a business degree in South Korea more interesting especially to those who already love the Korean culture.

If you already know that you want to study business in South Korea, either for an undergraduate or a masters degree, the University of Ulsan is one of the best schools for you. Located in Ulsan, the industrial capital of Korea, the university offers students a one-of-a-kind experience that ensures their holistic development as business professionals.

Here, you can get a topnotch education while being right at the center of action, as Ulsan is the home of the offices of South Korea’s world-class companies like Hyundai Motor & Affiliated Companies, SK, S-Oil, LG, and of course, Samsung.  

The University of Ulsan offers International Business Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) for high school graduates and Master of Business Administration (MBA) for college graduates.

What is International Business BBA and MBA

International Business BBA and MBA are unique business courses where the students could develop their both academic and practical knowledge through the field-oriented education system.

Both courses cultivate potential business leaders in this rapidly changing economy equipped with global visions. Some of the perks of taking the courses include:

  1. Strategic location; Ulsan Metropolitan City (The industrial capital of Korea with over 2,000 companies)
  2. Professional internship and factory training program
  3. Special lectures from corporate CEOs and industry visits
  4. Strong career development services (professional mentoring program from the industry) 

Why study BBA and MBA in University of Ulsan

There are lots of universities offering these courses but why should you choose the University of Ulsan?

  1. It has a strong partnership with the local industry in Ulsan (Over 2,000 companies are in the region)
  2. Graduates receive various job offers with a competitive salary
  3. Professional internship & field training opportunities are available to students.
  4. It provides active academic support including academic tutoring for major courses & mentoring services
  5. There are special lecture series and industry visits
  6. The program includes Korean studies programme & Korean language and culture courses

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