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Study Abroad Prep: 5 Things You Need to Do Before Applying

Deciding to study abroad is the first step to a somewhat lengthy process they call admissions. It is crucial to have a timeline that will guide you in getting into the school you want. You must be ready to follow-through with the preparations as failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Get to know the colleges abroad

Research is important in choosing the right university for you. Campus tours are popular amongst students in America. It is the students’ way of getting to know more about the students in the university, the courses, and the culture fostered in the university. Fortunately, some campuses have virtual tours on their website already! You’ll be able to have a look at the campus and learn about the facilities they have to offer. It is also important to take note of the location as weather and living conditions differ from state to state. Once you have a rough list of the schools you are interested in, consider the admissions rate of each school.

Create a Common Application account

Over 750 schools accept the Common Application, or more popularly called the Common App. The Common App includes the essay prompts, the additional writing supplements, as well as other requirements for each school. With Common App, you are able to apply to multiple schools using one application. Although some prompts and deadlines may vary from school to school, this is the most efficient way to apply as you will only have to fill up most requirements once. The Common App also offers a virtual counselor where you can ask for guidance as you go through the application process.

Make an organized list

Organize the list of universities you are interested in by identifying your chances in the university. Keep in mind your GWA or GPA and extracurricular activities, along with the average of the school you intend to apply to. The schools should be classified into safety schools, reach schools, and target schools.

    • at least 2 safety schools– schools where your statistics exceed the school’s average; usually the smaller state universities with high acceptance rates
    • at least 3 target schools– schools where your statistics fall within the school’s expectations; schools where you really want to get admitted to
    • at least 3 reach schools– also known as dream schools, your statistics may not be as stellar in comparison to other applicants; usually Ivy leagues

When researching a school, it is also important to take note of their SAT average so you know how much preparation you will need to reach the score.

Prepare for standardized tests and obtain other form requirements

Make sure to prepare for the SAT. Some schools require the SAT Subject Test and some schools don’t. Double check with the requirements on the Common App so you are aware of what to prepare for. The common requirements on Common Application are recommendation letters, high school transcript, standardised test scores, Common App essay, and a couple of additional writing supplements specific to each school. Make sure to tailor your essays in such a way that the admissions see how you would be a good fit for their school. Check in with your guidance counsellor to gather your transcripts, collect recommendation letters, and make sure you’re on the right track.

Submit your application and hope for the best

The college admissions process is indeed difficult. You will encounter so many moments where you will want to give up; however, it will all be worth it in the end once the decisions come out. While waiting for your decision letters, continue working hard in maintaining your academic standing. Hope for the best as you have done what you could.

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