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Study in Czech Republic and Work Anywhere in the World

You’ve probably heard of Prague as one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Who’s to say no to their grand and historic architecture! With all these archaic infrastructure, one might think Czech Republic could be a little old school in other aspects too. Well you might be mistaken because while the landscape and architecture may give off a classical feel, don’t think that their social and economic development isn’t up to date! Their educational system is top-notch and up to par with developed countries. Czech Republic gives importance to education so much, that international universities are willing to partner up with Czechs to realize the dreams of international students like you! Here is why you should study in Czech Republic!

Best of Both Worlds: USA and Europe in One

Did you know you could get your diploma accredited by both notable American AND European accrediting bodies? There’s only one university in Czech Republic that does that! University of New York in Prague is where it’s at! Why does this matter so much though? Getting a degree accredited in more places means that the degree’s value and acceptance is highly recognized. Not only that, it means getting assured of quality education as well!

Around the World in 80 Days

Wanna know what’s with the “New York in Prague” of UNYP ? They have the Global Academic Partnerships and Affiliations Program for that! If you haven’t already guessed it, University of New York itself has partnerships around the world, not just in Prague. These programs allow students to do “coursework” in these areas with their chosen program. To name a few partner countries, NYU has: Florence, Sydney, Paris, Madrid and so much more! Students can choose from a variety of courses such as Arts, Performing Arts, Sociology, History and Literature!

These special programs go hand in hand with UNYP’s Communication and Mass Media course!


International Student Body

Students that come to UNYP are from all over the world. Their student body includes nationalities from a whopping 60 countries around the world! How exciting is that! With a multicultural setting to work and study on, you’re sure to gain helpful experience in talking to people from other countries. And not only will you see them on your classes, but on your student organizations and groups as well! These are all student-run and will be sure to cater to your hobbies and interests!

A New Beginning after the End

Have any plans in mind after graduating? Maybe further studies or masters? Or do you want to get down to business real quick and get a new job? UNYP’s got your back! Job hunting could easily grow as a nightmare and a challenge to you but UNYP is sure to deliver. They have a 99% employment rate among fresh graduates, which means UNYP students are in high demand! Their career office also helps you with networking with big companies, or even help you get a foothold on your own enterprise.

Interested in getting into the corporate world? You might want to check out UNYP’s Business Administration course!

Bonus Points!

Did you know that it’s relatively cheap to study in Czech Republic? It gets even better with the UNYP Benefits Program! This program lets students receive discounts from over 100 businesses all over Czech Republic. Just present your ID and buy away!

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