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Study in Spain: At IE University, Women Mean Business

Equality and empowering all students are core concepts underpinning IE University’s innovative undergraduate degrees.

IE University wants to play a leading role in making sure that the 21st century belongs equally to women and men, particularly in the world of business and entrepreneurship. It’s not just a case of being fair; it’s the importance of tapping into women’s talent and differentiating factors.

When the heads of Google, Facebook and Microsoft in Spain and Portugal are all women, it is clear that change is in the air. And driving that transformation are women like Rebeca Minguela, the only Spaniard on the World Economic Forum’s 2017 list of Young Global Leaders. Minguela is the founder and CEO of Clarity, an innovative technological tool that enables asset managers to optimize the social impact of their investments.

During her meteoric rise through tech firms, culminating in the sale of her own Blink Booking travel app to Groupon, Minguela observed the difficulty of truly accounting for corporate responsibility and social impact in profit calculations. “We want to meet the need of consumers and investors to understand how good or bad organizations are, what areas they cover and how they do it,” Minguela told the digital newspaper El Confidencial in March 2017.

Despite her success, the Spanish entrepreneur admitted to having noticed people’s surprise at seeing a young, feminine individual occupying such a leading role in board rooms. “I have felt it, above all in the way that people’s expectations are different; they don’t expect someone like me to have an executive position, and that has caused problems. It’s because they don’t believe you are capable of doing certain things, when it is precisely your youth that allows you to make a contribution of a certain kind.”

Whatever a person’s gender, studying a BBA at IE University offers a huge confidence boost and a chance to experiment in a supportive environment to find out what it is you have to offer the world. The hands-on nature of IEU’s learning philosophy and the focus on participation in diverse groups of students under the guidance of international experts makes every individual’s differences seem part of a wonderful whole.

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