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The 5 Best Cities to Study in Korea

Read on to find out the best cities to study in Korea! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware of South Korea’s rise to the top as the ultimate hub in Asia for setting trends in pop culture and fashion. If you’d like to get a taste of real South Korean culture, you might want to have a go at studying abroad in Korea!

Here are just a few of the best cities to study in Korea to get you started on your study abroad goals:

1. Seoul

When you think of Seoul, you probably think of it as the heart of KPop where many of your favorite stars reside. But did you know that many of South Korea’s most prestigious universities are located in Seoul? Study in Seoul and enjoy some of the most outstanding research opportunities and challenging degrees and programs, widely regarded as some of the best in Asia.

And don’t worry! You don’t have to be fluent in Korean (even though you probably are already). There are many English-taught courses available to international students. Many universities also offer Korean language learning programs to both high school and university students which are supplemented with Korean culture lessons that are bound to provide you a dynamic and unique learning experience.


2. Ulsan

Ulsan is known as the industrial center of Korea; in fact, Hyundai’s biggest plant is in Ulsan.  This is great news because many universities in Ulsan offer internships and training programs at these universities.

But despite being the industrial center, Ulsan actually has plenty of natural wonders to offer. If you’re more of a sun and sand person, then you’ll have a blast in Ulsan because it’s right by the coastline. If you find yourself wanting to explore the mountains, then you can enjoy hiking up the mountains of Ulsan.

Interested in studying in Ulsan? Check out the University of Ulsan on Edukasyon.ph – they’re looking for Filipino students like you!

Interships at Korean companies?! Can we just say… WOW?!

3. Gyeongsan

Gyeongsan might not be a familiar name to you but there are many universities situated here. Why would it be relevant to you, a Filipino, to study here? Well they are known to provide an impressive range of courses in English and several universities in Gyeongsan also offer financial support for international students looking to further their studies in this small but noteworthy city. If you want to study in Korea but are on a tight budget, maybe you can find a scholarship in Gyeongsan.

Study in Korea

Three cheers for scholarships in Korea~

4. Chuncheon

Chuncheon is located only an hour and a half away from Seoul. The city is a popular international student destination – and if you’re a fan of K-dramas, you might be familiar with Chuncheon because it was in the popular Korean drama, Winter Sonata!

Study in Korea

International students may enjoy the wide variety of yearly events hosted in Chuncheon, among which are the Chuncheon Puppet Festival and the Spring Season Art Festival. It is also the perfect place for international students who enjoy the outdoors, as mountains, hiking trails, bike trails, and even ski resorts are abundant throughout the city. There are over 7 private and public universities located in Chuncheon, all of which provide unique programs and English-taught courses.

When it comes to study in Korea, Chuncheon is a good choice if you’re looking for a city with vibrant culture and lots of outdoor activities!


5. Daegu

Daegu is the fourth largest metropolitan city in South Korea after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon, with a substantial population of international students and foreign English teachers. International students will enjoy a young, fresh atmosphere as Daegu is known for being a distinctly college town.

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Did you say young and fresh?

The city hosts three American military bases, which is home to many American residents. If you’re a history buff, then you will also appreciate Daegu’s rich history dating back to the Silla and Joseon dynasties. The city also boasts an interesting traditional herbal medicine market, as well as a Chicken Gizzard Alley and Braised Beef Ribs Alley that foodies would definitely want to linger in.


How do I study in Korea?

Study in Korea

Jae Suk feels ya

So you want to study in Korea… but how? No worries! Once you’ve taken your pick from one of these great cities, head on over to our helpful guide on studying in Korea. You can learn about what it’s like to study, live, and work in Korea. There are also plenty of Korean universities looking for Filipino students just like you. Visit here to find out which schools you can apply to!


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