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Study in Australia VS. New Zealand

To decide to study abroad is to make a huge commitment. However, choosing the right study abroad destination can prove to be very challenging. For Filipinos, Australia and New Zealand are often the top choices since they’re relatively near to the Philippines and they are English-speaking nations. Check out our guide below how you can choose between the two!

1.  Programs / Courses

study in Australia program

When comparing study in Australia vs New Zealand, both are excellent choices when it comes to academics. Both are home to the world’s top universities and attract many students from all over the world, although if it’s relevant to you, it might be interesting to note that Australia is home to more top schools. Australia also has a wider variety of programs to choose from.

However, one would argue that the programs are more important than school rankings. When it comes to choices, Australia definitely has a wider variety – if you have a program in mind, it’s more likely that Australia has it. Although keep in mind that New Zealand has its own strengths as well, depending on your program in mind. Its Biology and Forestry programs for example, are world-renowned.

Verdict: Australia for its rankings and choices in programs but New Zealand has its strengths in specific disciplines.

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2. Cost of study in Australia vs. New Zealand

Study in Australia Money

If you’re worried about the cost of studying abroad, you might have to live on a tighter budget if you choose to live in Australia. Most of the large Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane are among the world’s most expensive cities to study abroad in. New Zealand on the other hand, is relatively cheaper compared to Australia. Even its capital city, Auckland, has cheaper cost of living than the previously mentioned Australian cities.

Verdict: New Zealand is the better option if you’re looking to save more money but it will all come down to your lifestyle.

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3. Climate

If you want to study abroad, climate is an important factor to consider especially since we more or less have the same weather all year round in the Philippines. Coming from the Philippines, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to go to another country without fully understanding their climate.

Australia is a large country that mostly experiences all four seasons. Although it is important to note that summers can get very hot in Australia – even hotter in the Philippines. Its winters, however, aren’t as extreme as they are in the western sphere of the world. As for its topography, Australia is home to modern cities but also natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback.

New Zealand on the other hand has more contrast when it comes to its climate. Depending on where you choose to settle, some parts of New Zealand create a wetter climate, while another half enjoys drier weather. Unlike Australia, New Zealand enjoys colder winters where you can enjoy skiing in their mountain slopes. Summers aren’t as harsh in New Zealand so you can freely enjoy their beaches and seas as well.

Verdict: If you’re looking for weather that’s more stable and want to avoid harsh winters, Australia might be for you. But if you’re looking to enjoy a variety of seasons, perhaps New Zealand is something to look into.

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4. Culture

Australia and New Zealand are very similar but also very unique when it comes to their cultures.

Both countries are pretty laid-back and easy-going so you’ll have no problem in either country when it comes to wanting to feel welcome. New Zealanders (NZers) are environmentally responsible and respect their roots very much. Be prepared to encounter their indigenous Maori culture as it is integrated with their modern life.

As mentioned, Australians are pretty laid-back and care very much for their work-life balance. Australians are pretty passionate about the outdoors and more adventurous lifestyles. Unlike in New Zealand however, be prepared for the Aussie accent and their slang. While English is their main language, you might have to get used to the way they speak first.

When it comes to food, you’re a winner regardless of which country you choose. Australian cuisine, true to its roots, is inspired by European cuisine. On the other hand, New Zealand cuisine is very influenced by its indigenous Maori roots.

Verdict: Both countries have very similar cultures! You won’t lose with either choice.


5. Safety


Both Australia and New Zealand are safe countries. Although as expected with any modern and larger cities, crime rates are higher in Sydney and Auckland – along with cities where more tourists visit.

Perhaps the bigger safety concern in Australia is the great Australian Outback. It is home to many poisonous spiders and snakes, which sometimes find their way inside homes. Sharks and jellyfish are just some marine wildlife to watch out for when taking a dip in their amazing seas. Although don’t be too afraid of these creatures! They’re less common in the bigger cities.

On the other hand, New Zealand is less of a safety concern when it comes to natural dangers. New Zealand is more or less free of the poisonous creatures that thrive in Australia.

Verdict: New Zealand is the slightly safer choice


The Final Verdict

So what should you choose? Study in Australia or in New Zealand? Well the answer is ultimately up to you! We’ve laid out some good and bad points about each country and you should weigh how important these points are for you. For example, if the variety in programs is more important to you and you don’t mind the slightly extra costs, then maybe you should study in Australia.

One thing’s for sure though! Regardless of whether you choose to study in Australia or study in New Zealand, you won’t lose. Both countries are excellent choices for their academics, nature, and people. So don’t be afraid of either choice – both are excellent destinations for studying abroad!

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