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Study in Spain and be a Woman in Tech

Study in Spain and be a woman in tech! Anais Urlichs is an Information Systems Management freshman and she is passionate about technology and innovation.

She was born in Germany and has lived in different places like Nunberg, British Columbia, London, Oxford and now Madrid. Anais is currently part of the IEU Tech Lab where they are busy creating and implementing a software platform for a city hall in Spain. She is also one of the founders of the IE University Computer Society, a student-led initiative focus on organizing conferences related to technology issues with international leaders and programming workshops for the whole IE University community. We have interviewed Anais to share with you her experiences at IE University.

How do you think that technology will change the future of business in the upcoming years? And what role will you play in this process of change?

In one of my courses I had the option to do an assignment on automation, the positive and negative effects as well as its implications on people and society. I strongly believe that automation is good for society. However, it will lead to a job shift. People will need to have a lot of theoretical knowledge while practical skills will be less required. Therefore, the education system will have to change to train people accordingly to these upcoming challenges. The IT sector already struggles to find enough skilled labor.

Personally, I want to encourage girls and other women to be interested in the IT sector. Overall it is still a male dominated industry but it does not have to stay that way. As a friend of mine once said “men just go for it while women need to be sure they are able to make it perfect”. Technology can be described as a process of ongoing improvements. No one came up with the iPhone 1 overnight, it took several prototypes. You should not quit before you even try.

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