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Study Online vs. Study Abroad

You may have ticked graduation off your checklist but that doesn’t mean your learning should end. A person’s zeal for constant and continuous learning is what keeps them growing! Further education is always a great idea, but with all the ways you can learn – how do you know which one is for you? How do you know what the right game plan is to reach your dreams? Is it necessary to study abroad or can you do it online? What are the perks of studying online that you don’t get when you study abroad? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re choosing whether to study abroad vs study online – we’re about to break it down for y’all!

Studying Online:

Studying online is a different experience for everyone. Sometimes you learn that you even after you’ve claimed your diploma, there are more things you want to learn. Maybe they’re specific to the degree you graduated from, or maybe it’s a whole new topic you never considered before. If you find yourself wanting to learn a little more of something then it’s good to take it online.

Perks of studying online?

  1. Convenience: You can access everything you want to learn at a click of a button — and decent internet connection. Whether you learn the modules through a video course, a full written document, or an audio program, all the information is ready and can be stored in your back pocket.
  2. Time Flexibility: While it’s true some online classes have a specific schedule, most let you work at a time best for you. Because it’s readily accessible, your life doesn’t have to be on hold while you learn. You can take your classes after work, over lunch, or when it’s best for you.
  3. Variety: Studying online allows you to pick the subjects you’re actually interested in. You get to mix and match courses that you believe will give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to pursue your dreams.

What is great to study online?

Online courses are great learning platforms for subjects that can be thoroughly explained through processes. Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of online courses on subjects that are very technical, like graphic designing, or writing – but these need a little bit of experience for it to be highly beneficial for you.

However, taking online courses on business, marketing, and the like can significantly help your understanding of these topics. A big factor could be that you can pace through the courses. You can pause when you need time to reflect on what you learned, back track when you forget something, or even repeat the module if you want to make sure you understood it right. All of which you wouldn’t get to do if it were not online.

So your best bets? Think of more conceptual subjects and take those online! Alternatively, studying online isn’t the only way to gain extra education. If you’ve got the time and resources, studying abroad is another way to rack up on experience.

Perks of studying abroad?

  1. CV Asset : If you were dressing up your CV, having that study abroad experience is a top notch outfit! When hiring managers look through your CV, they look for what sets you apart from other candidates and having the “study abroad feather on your cap” definitely comes with extra brownie points for you.
  2. Cross-cultural awareness : One of the greatest takeaways you’ll have from studying abroad is the people you meet. With globalization becoming more relevant everyday, it’s valuable to have connections in different countries that can give you insight on culture especially when it comes to business. Who knows you might even end up closing international business deals with your study abroad roomies one day!
  3. Soft skills : When you study abroad,  you’re forced to step outside of your shell. Being away from home puts you in uncharted territory, hence pushing you to try new things, meet new people, and step up! So confidence, assertiveness, leadership qualities – check, check and check!

What is great to study abroad for?

Studying abroad gives you fresh eyes not only on culture but also on the differences in educational systems. Meaning, there are subject and courses better taught in countries where they thrive. Technology, for example, would be better taught in places like San Francisco or Seoul. With Silicon Valley and the Technology hub of the world, these places have a lot of experiences they can bank on for teaching technology as compared to other places.

Study online or study abroad?

Finally, if you’re flipping a coin between studying online or studying abroad here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

  1. What are looking to achieve out of your further study experience — more knowledge or more experience?
  2. Is time of the essence? Can you afford stop working and uproot your life for a few months/years in another country?
  3. Do the things you want to learn fall under one course you can take (study abroad) or are they a mix of different subjects that you want to puzzle together (study online)?

The ultimate tip? Do both! Simultaneously or not, either way is possible! If you’re leaning towards taking your online education, just make sure you’ve got credible sources. On the other hand, if you feel as if studying abroad is more for you – find out which country best suits you at our Study Abroad page over at Edukasyon.ph.