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Make your K-pop dreams come true; study in South Korea!  

Nowadays, it seems like Korean pop culture is taking over our daily lives – from K-pop music and K-drama going mainstream, to the K-Barbeque restaurants popping up everywhere. But we’re not complaining! Korean culture is so fascinating that people really make an effort to learn more about it.

For most, the dream is to have a taste of the famed culture – walk through the vibrant youth districts, shop for skin care products in Myeongdong, tour K-drama shoot locations and visit the beautiful Nami Island in autumn or winter. A holiday trip to Korea is definitely a #travelgoal.

But, have you ever considered actually living there?

Imagine this: every day, for a year or more, you will be able to immerse yourself in the Korean culture. You will learn more about their language, food, fashion, music, nightlife, and even their lifestyle. We can go on and on, but first, how exactly can you do this?

There are two options: work or study in Korea. The first one’s pretty self-explanatory. Look for jobs in Korea that suit your interest and qualifications, and just go there. On the other hand, to pursue “K-studies”,  here’s a list of things you should know if you want to apply for colleges and universities, and study in South Korea.

College is balancing act between studying and partying

Korean students are known to be serious and hard-working. But this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun! As a matter of fact, you may have to prepare yourself for a vibrant (an understatement) nightlife when you study there.

You can take a part-time job

Most Korean universities allow you to work part-time while studying. They even offer foreign students jobs at the universities. However, as a foreigner, you may find it hard to get jobs outside the university. But no worries! You can always teach English, or take freelance jobs online!

A wide Korean vocabulary comes in handy

While most Korean universities offer language courses before the start of the term, knowing basic Korean and Hangeul will definitely be helpful. You have to learn more than just ‘annyeong haseyo’ and ‘oppa’! To work on your Korean language in a fun way, check out Ateneo’s Extramural Class: Hallyu Korean 1: Learning Korean through K-pop and K-drama. Classes start on April 21, 2018.

Transportation options are efficient and reliable

In Korea, you can go almost everywhere using the complex subway system, eliminating the unnecessary stress caused by commuting. There are also buses and taxis available. And since the weather is pretty much pleasant all the time, you may also opt to ride a bike to your destination – their roads have safe bike and pedestrian lanes.

Memorable student experience

Aside from providing quality education, universities in South Korea know that providing a conducive learning environment is important for the holistic development of students. This is why campuses are designed to encourage academic learning, extra-curricular activities, and collaboration. For example, University of Ulsan provides wide open spaces for students to enjoy any time of the day.

It’s easy to travel around the country

South Korea is a beautiful country with captivating landscapes, well-preserved historical sites, and vibrant cityscape. You have a chance to explore this beautiful place while you are studying. With trains and buses all over the country, it is easy to go on trips on the weekends without missing your classes!

Make your Korean dream immersion a reality by taking your undergraduate or postgraduate courses there. Check this out for more information about studying in South Korea.