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The 8 Roommates You’ll Meet When Studying Abroad

More often than not, you’ll be able to meet a lot of interesting people as an international student. You will meet them in class, at the hallways, at an international event, or share the same room!

Studying abroad is expensive so having a roommate can be a more economical and practical choice to save money.

However, this could either be a blessing or a curse – depending on what kind of roommate you’ll get stuck with.

Here are 5 types of roommates that can make (or break) your study abroad experience:

The Ghost

When you don't even see your roommate

This roommate is never there. You never see him or her walk out of the room or come back. When you wake up, they are nowhere in sight. When you’re about to fall asleep, it’s only you who’s about to get some shut eye. They do, however, leave traces of their existence from time to time. You see new things on their bed or used clothes in the hamper. There might even be an occasional knock on the door from someone looking for your roommate which confirms that you are indeed living with someone.

The Neat Freak

The Neat Freak

This person likes having your room completely spotless. You see them rearranging their side of the room almost daily. They have all the equipment they need to tidy up every nook and cranny. They have their organization skills down pat. If anything is out of place, they will point it out. They can notice the slightest details and nuances on their desks. They may even offer to clean your side of the room.

The Messy One

The Messy One; Trash Eternal

This is the type of roommate no one ever wishes to have. This roommate never fixes his or her bed after waking up in the morning. They like to casually eat on their beds with absolutely no regard for the crumbs they’ll leave and the pests they could possibly attract. They leave their food open and never take out the trash. Doing laundry, cleaning sheets and personal hygiene are considered to be very foreign concepts to this type of roomie. In worst cases, foul odors could start to stink up the place.

The Early Riser

Rise and Shine

This roommate is a morning person. They set their clocks early hours before their first class. They have morning routines and seem to accomplish a lot more than you can do in an average day. They’re always there to wake you up if you need to – sometimes also by accident. Consequently, they are always the first to head to bed. So asking them to go for a night out would be an impossible task.

The Night Owl

Night owl

This roommate never sees the light of day — literally. This person made sure not to get any classes in the morning so he or she can just sleep in. When the sun is out, expect this person to be a bit sluggish and maybe, indifferent. But once the night sets in, they instantly switch back to their night-loving energetic selves. You can count on this person to be down for every party on the block.

The Chatterbox


This roommate always has a story to tell. Their life is an open book and there’s always something new to learn about them. They’re up to date with all the latest gossip and they’re always on their phone texting and calling everyone they know. This roomie could be fun to have but it can be a bit challenging getting some work done or sleeping before your bedtime!

The Mime


This roommate is the complete opposite of the Chatterbox. You’ve never actually heard this person’s voice. They would just casually enter your room without saying a word. A simple nod, smile or wave is basically the only forms of communication that you’ve had with them. They would usually shy away, tinkering with their personal gadgets or reading a book. They’re the perfect type of roomie if all you need is some peace and solace.



Roommate horror stories are definitely a common thing, but there will always be a few lucky ones who will get to encounter the perfect roommate we’d like to classify as the BFF. The BFF understands you, hangs out with you, and gets along with you perfectly. You consider them as your long-lost sibling and you share a bond that goes beyond just being roommates. You’ll know that even if the semester ends, they’ll always be a friend worth keeping.

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