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The Advantages Of Being A Global Entrepreneur

Everyone – global entrepreneur or not – has that lightbulb moment. It’s when a stray idea takes hold of you, not caring if you’re in the middle of an early morning shower or trying to make it through an extremely frustrating situation, and makes you ask: “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?”

Two decades ago, most moments like this could only be turned into global business opportunities by large companies. Globalization helped even out the playing field for smaller competitors. Now that international markets are more accessible, every new idea has the potential to create opportunity for entrepreneurs.

With that in mind, what sets the global entrepreneur apart from the rest?

Adapting the global entrepreneur mindset

We’ve all heard stories about unicorn start-ups. Big dreams may seem daunting when you don’t know where to start but even small companies can make it big in the global market with the right mindset.

To think like a global entrepreneur is not a skill. Instead, it means adapting an innovative and ambitious mindset. You must be able to see the big picture formed by market trends and act on them in line with your goals.

How do you do get the mindset of a global entrepreneur? 

You learn from some of the best minds in business, of course. The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing (MScEGM) offered by Hong Kong Baptist University and Grenoble École de Management is a program that can set you down the right track.

This 15-month program is the best that two highly-accredited international business schools have to offer on key topics such as: branding, digital marketing, global marketing, market segmentation, marketing management, and marketing strategy.

Meeting the right people

A global entrepreneur is able to seek out innovative business opportunities internationally. With the right resources, you can increase profit margins, minimize costs, and deepen your pool of investors. To do this, having a wide network of people and businesses who you can form mutually-beneficial partnerships with is an advantage.

One benefit of enrolling in the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing program is that your classmates will be driven individuals, just like you! Expect to meet people from diverse backgrounds. You’ll be learning in multi-cultural environments too. The first semester begins in France this September 2019. Afterwards, the second semester will take place in Hong Kong on January 2020.

In my short time here to complete MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing, I’ve been flooded with networking and learning experiences constantly. The staff is focused on jumpstarting the career you are after and the students are diverse and driven. I’d highly recommend studying at Hong Kong Baptist University to expand your cultural repertoire and get a truly unique learning experience.

Seneca Garrison from the USA

Fresh graduates of the program also have the option to work in Hong Kong for a period of time. Still waiting for the perfect time to start your own business? This would be the perfect opportunity to expand your career network.

Gaining competitive product ideas

Another solid advantage the global entrepreneur has is access to the latest trends in the global market. Combined with the right mindset, this can open the doors to endless innovative ideas. This can be your “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?” moment, but with ample market research and product development.

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing program encourages innovative ideas. All students have the chance to pitch their business idea to Angel Investors. The possible reward? Anywhere between HK$ 250,000 to HK$ 1,000,000!

Are you ready to become a global entrepreneur?

Learn more about the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing!