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The Popoy Guide To Studying Abroad

It is not impossible for any of us to find ourselves in a “Popoy” moment where going out of the country seems like the best way to deal with a soul-crushing breakup. After all, who can blame the John Lloyd Cruz character for wanting to leave and starting a new life by going to Qatar?

If there’s anything One More Chance taught us, it’s this: it’s okay to want an independent life away from the relationships that eventually broke down due to old habits. It’s the reality for some. What hurts is that, when things like this happen, there is usually one person who can’t get a grasp on the situation and is having a hard time catching up.

That person is the “Popoy” in the relationship. Even though he was able to get Basha back into his arms, he had to take a soul-searching journey to Qatar before they could officially try again. Their reunion scene gave us unforgettable #kilig moments – but just like any great story, there had to be struggle first.

But who said that struggle has to be so hard or grueling? If you just went through a devastating break-up and are looking for ways to mend your soul, then it might be best for you to take the “Popoy” method and study or work abroad! After all, by studying abroad you can have even more opportunities when you get back. And there’s nothing fresher than making everything new.

Step 1. Find out what you want to do.

Now that you’re single and looking for fresh meaning and purpose in your life, then it may be time for you to actually go for what you have always wanted! If you had a passion that you put aside for your relationship or other responsibilities, well, recognize that you now have the time and the reason to go for it!

There are tons of international scholarships for you to look into, and most schools abroad are looking for international students to make their student population more diverse. Check out Edukasyon.ph for scholarship updates and do some research from your end. You may not realize it but this may be the universe finally telling you to go for your dreams!  

Step 2. Efficiency is important!

The heavy feeling of a break up might make you impulsive when deciding  how to spend your soul-searching trip. By studying abroad, you get to travel, grow your educational credentials, meet new people and learn a whole lot of things! But by travelling to a different country for just a short time, there is a tendency for you to feel #bitin, and it can be expensive on short notice.

Be mindful of your expenses, and do not acknowledge this emotional point in your life as an excuse for you to self-destruct. You’re already feeling low – don’t go any lower!

Step 3. Have a goal you’ll work to reach.

It can be in the form of one big goal, or a series of small goals working towards a really big one. Whatever you think might work for you, go with it. If you plan on studying abroad, then reach for recognition, scholarships, a professional network or even small lessons that might be useful for your career. Whatever you decide to do, always have one concrete goal to make sure you have direction.

Step 4. Put romantic love aside (at least for now).

If you really are a Popoy, then you might find it really hard to follow this step. But be informed, romantic love might not be in your stars for a while.

Take this time to shape new skills, learn new things, build new friends and be a little bit more like Basha after the chicken skin incident. We might have hated her character for leaving a loving guy like Popoy, but Basha recognized the importance of her independence and was courageous enough to go for it. (Even if we all knew her T-shirt designs weren’t that good.)

You’ll find love one day. Maybe you’ll even meet them while studying abroad! Who knows? Either way, you should take this time to be a little bit selfish for a while. #selflove

Step 6. Be brave.

Be Basha brave and not Popoy brave (that is, don’t go speeding in the night drunk!). Face new challenges and always take the opportunity to learn new things! If you were shy before, try leaving your shell a little to see where it takes you! You might discover new things about yourself that you have never even thought of.

Just like how Basha took her time, went after her passion, got a new haircut, and drove around to stop and look at edgy houses. She looked at the bright side and took the time to realize she could do all these things she didn’t think she could before. To do exactly that after a break up requires bravery, courage and a positive outlook on life. If you’re still at the down stage it’s okay! You’ll get there, just don’t stop trying.

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