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These Filipinos are Studying Abroad for Free!

Three young Filipinos successfully received the Czech Government Scholarship and are now studying abroad for free in the top two universities in the Czech Republic – with tuition, living expenses, and medical costs covered!

Myka Mae Duran, Rush Salonga and Jean Ramon Yap are the 3 talented students who will be beginning their study abroad journeys at at the Technical University of Liberec and Charles University. The students directly received their scholarships from Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Olsa Jr.. Ambassador Olsa hopes that “the current boom in academic interest among young Filipinos in the Czech Republic English language studies, especially in modern technologies Engineering, Information Techonology, and as well as various “green” sciences will positively continue.” The Czech Republic has been proving to be a popular destination for Filipino students, be it through scholarships, privately-paid studies, or with Erasmus. There has also been a rise in contracts between the Czech Republic and Philippine universities.

Why you should study in the Czech Republic too – it’s a balance of everything!

The Czech Republic is home to the one of best educational systems in Europe, complimented by tis low cost of living. Its location is considered prime as well: it’s located in the heart of Europe, neighbored by Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

So imagine this: you’re receiving a high quality education, with relatively low costs, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and with access to visa-free travel inside the Schengen Area. It’s no surprise that the Czech Republic is increasingly more popular among Filipino students!


Ok, I’m in – where do I study in the Czech Republic?

Edukasyon.ph Study Abroad is chock full of schools abroad looking for Filipino students and one of them is the University of New York Prague (UNYP). UNYP is an American university located in Prague that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. What makes them unique is once you graduate from one of their undergraduate programs, you will receive both an American accredited diploma and a European accredited diploma – meaning your diploma will be recognized in majority of the world. Check out UNYP on Edukasyon.ph today and maybe join Myka, Rush, and Jean in Prague!

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