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This Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Professor Found Her Why in Japan

Associate Professor Lailani Alcantara teaches Marketing and Organizational Behavior at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. She received her Ph.D. and MBA in Management from the University of Tsukuba and gained work experience as a teaching assistant before pursuing her work as a researcher and professor at Ritsumeikan APU.

The educational model of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is innovative and has a lot of potential. Many international students get scholarships to pursue their studies in Japan. Today, Associate Professor Alcantara maintains a positive outlook. She hopes to improve both Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and its students in order to meet globally competitive standards.

At first, Alcantara didn’t plan to be a teacher. She initially worked as a research assistant alongside many talented and kind professors. She also took on part-time teaching jobs for additional income and experience. However, as time went on, she began reviewing her plans. Then she realized she enjoyed teaching. Her students, after all, became her source of inspiration to be a better person.

“Hearing their future plans always reminds me that there are many more opportunities ahead. And honestly, sometimes I wish I could do more for them,” she says. “Research inspires me to become a professor. Teaching inspires me to become a better person.”

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