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A Journey Of Possibilities: From Hong Kong To New York

Lujing Shen, an undergraduate student majoring in economics and finance, set off on the adventure of a lifetime, to spend two years studying at Columbia University in New York.

Lujing’s journey to the US started at City University of Hong Kong, where as an undergraduate student she experienced her first year of study, full of laughter and energy.

A motivated student, Lujing came across the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program offered by City University of Hong Kong and asked herself, “am I ready for a life-changing challenge?” Dreaming of living and studying in New York, she decided to give it a try. She applied for the program and was accepted.

International Experience

Arriving in New York and starting her classes at Columbia, Lujing felt a little overwhelmed. Everything was different. Instead of being discouraged, Lujing took the opportunity to challenge herself.

“My classes motivated me to learn more and think more because there is always something I don’t know”.

At Columbia University, Lujing took classes that presented her with different perspectives on economics. Thanks to Columbia University’s Core Curriculum, Lujing was able to choose a wide range of subjects outside of her major, such as music, art and literature. She made friends with students from other programs and from all over the world.

The Highs and Lows

It wasn’t always easy, studying at Columbia University came with pressure and there were moments when Lujing felt overwhelmed;

“I was often overwhelmed by the stress of multiple assignment deadlines, the pressure of seeing my peers secure good job offers, and just the perpetual restlessness of New York City. However, I knew this was just another lesson I had to learn, about how to deal with my own emotions and mental well-being.”

Life after college

Lujing has now graduated and is working in New York as an internal auditor. She wants to focus on risk management and helping business navigate through the global market. 

Looking back, Lujing has no regrets about moving first from mainland China to Hong Kong, and then to New York City. She learned to be confident, to overcome challenges and to be independent.

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City University of Hong Kong offers a joint degree program with Columbia University of New York.

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